International Digital Marketing

Search Laboratory’s team are experts in international SEO and search engine marketing. We manage campaigns for global brands in more than 35 languages from our Leeds HQ. All international work is carried out in-house by our mother-tongue linguists.

International roots

We don't just talk the talk, international is truly at the heart of everything we do. Search Laboratory was built to fill a gap in the market for linguistically faithful and culturally sensitive SEM campaign management.

Search Laboratory’s CEO, Ian Harris, and Operations Director, Tim Carr, both come from a translation and localisation background and have helped companies such as British Airways, IBM and HSBC 'go global' online. No one is better placed to advise you on what's needed to successfully trade online in new territories.

Ian regularly speaks on the topic of Internationalisation, including recently speaking at/on behalf of: UKTI, The Digital Marketing Forum, Marketing Week Live, ClickZ and Drapers. We regularly host roundtables and events focused on trading in new territories such as China or Russia too.

Culture daysA truly multi-national team

Our team is made up of mother-tongue linguists. There are no translators, nor is any work outsourced to other countries. By employing only mother-tongue linguists in-house, we have a full understanding of not only linguistic differences but also the cultural differences that are pivotal to your campaign's success.

Our multinational team makes for a diverse and fun company culture. We embrace our diversity by regularly holding ‘culture days’ where the team take it in turns to educate the rest of the team about the way they do things in their home country – this always includes lots of interesting facts, stories, and keeps everyone well fed with lots of unusual food!

How can we help you 'go global' online?

We can help you decide if your product is in demand in your target territory and if it is - we can help you build culturally sensitive and linguistically faithful search marketing campaigns. We have many years of website localisation and search engine experience which means that no one is better placed to market your global website.

Our international services include:

A search engine health check on your localised site

This ensures that Google and other search engine spiders can navigate through your language selector and index all the pages efficiently for the correct target keywords. This unlocks your site's multilingual SEO potential in international markets.

In-country competitor analysis

Prior to entering a market, Search Laboratory's country experts can tell you all about your online competition, as well as the size of the market. This provides your roadmap to success in multiple countries.

Keyword research

Keywords are never translated from English campaigns because this always leads to a dilution of ideas and missed opportunity. Always performed by mother-tongue linguists of the target market, our international keyword research will deliver the most profitable list of keywords for SEO and/or PPC.

Search engine selection

We will ensure that your search marketing is targeted to the biggest search engines for your target locale. We are certified for and work with all the major global search engines including:

Search Engine Logos

Search engine optimisation for international search engines

Search Laboratory offers full content marketing, online PR and link earning packages in all languages. Such activities are always performed by mother-tongue specialists and we employ the same levels of quality control, ethics and sustainability that we do with our English SEO campaigns. We will increase your traffic and positions in your target markets in a customer-centric and sustainable way.

Advert copy creation

Ad copy is written, tested and evolved in all target languages. We do not simply translate advert texts and leave to run. Well-tuned ads means higher quality scores for lower cost per conversion.


Landing page and sales message localisation

Landing pages are critical in any language, with subtle changes producing significant uplifts in conversion rates. Our experts will assess the suitability of your landing pages for your target markets before translation begins, and ensure that when they are localised they carry the correct imagery, messages, colours and fonts for maximum impact.

We have many examples of localised landing pages producing higher conversion rates than the English versions thanks to essential cultural tuning.

International PPC management and monitoring

Our extensive international PPC management experience ensures that your PPC is actively tuned and optimised in all languages.

Unified feedback and reporting across your global campaigns

Benefit from a single account manager who coordinates all of your global campaigns. This centralised approach means that successful strategies can be shared across countries while you enjoy a central dashboard to review results. Our clients frequently comment on how essential this centralised view of their campaigns is to their global search decision-making.

Translation Laboratory

If you are considering translating your site, please contact us before you start the process. Our sister company Translation Laboratory can help you with any translation and localisation projects, and the work will be optimised for digital marketing from the start. 

Going Global SeriesIf you need any advice, we regularly produce content on all international digital marketing topics. Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your international digital marketing.