Website Migrations

Maintain or improve organic visibility by taking a scientific, process-driven approach to your website migration

Pre-migration benchmarking

Technical website review

Go-live support

Post-migration analysis

Trusted experts in website migration 

Our award-winning SEO team has been trusted by a large number of well-known brands to handle or advise on their SEO migration projects.


Having tackled projects with hundreds of thousands of webpages, we have developed a tried and tested checklist to ensure migration success.

Scientific and process-driven strategy

Our process reduces disruption and maximises opportunity throughout the migration period.


Through our structured and results-based approach, we maintain or improve on your benchmarked metrics.


What you will learn:

  • How using a scientific approach to data will lead to more successful campaigns
  • Why automation is a key factor in any robust technical SEO strategy
  • The key differences and considerations for perfect international SEO
  • Why Google loves JavaScript and how to fix common mistakes that could be holding you back
  • Why SEO A/B testing is the future of technical SEO.

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How we can help

Our award-winning SEO team are experts in complicated website migration projects and approach them with a scientific methodology that takes away the guesswork.


We are able to minimise disruption from both a traffic and revenue perspective, allowing you to reach your business goals.

Organic rankings, organic traffic and conversion/revenue levels are benchmarked throughout to ensure they are maintained or improved in terms of site performance.


Our approach involves following a strict step-by-step migration checklist to ensure that we leave no stone unturned in assisting you through this crucial period for your business.

Pre-migration benchmarking

All our website migration services start with benchmarking. Testing and staging sites are examined and we run crawls of the existing site to identify key pages for redirection. We also conduct error checking to ensure that all link equity will be transferred across to the new site.


Go-live support

During the go-live, the new website is launched on a test server. Constant monitoring of site uptime/downtime and immediate checking of the redirect status on old site URLs allow us to check that these have been correctly implemented and that ranking fluctuations will be minimalised.


Post-migration monitoring

After the SEO migration has taken place, keyword ranking and organic sessions/conversions are benchmarked to monitor migration impact. We identify any missing redirects and compile recommendations for addressing these. We also conduct a full post-migration review potentially including an audit of the new site.

“SEO is our best channel and it’s down to the work we’ve done with Search Laboratory.”

Nicola Vidal, Head of Commerce, giffgaff

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