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Cutting-edge technologies to drive the most value from your investment in PPC

Enterprise-level tools for leading platforms

Full suite of commercial software tools

Proprietary productivity and performance tools

Enterprise-level tools
market-leading platforms


We are a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner and can use Analytics 360 and Search Ads 360 to provide a comprehensive and integrated view of our clients’ digital marketing investments.

Best in class commercial software tools for PPC


We monitor the fast-changing ad tech market, and invest in the best software tools to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Our proprietary PPC tools improve productivity and drive performance

BidLab™ bid management software for long tail keywords


Only available to Search Laboratory clients, BidLab uses our proprietary algorithm to make informed bidding decisions on keywords with low search volumes but high conversion rates.


BidLab allows us to automatically optimise bids for tens of thousands of keywords on a daily basis, making sure our clients capture valuable conversions at the best price.

FeedLab™ campaign automation for large product inventories


Manually updating PPC text and shopping ads in a timely way is impossible for large accounts with constantly-changing product inventories and prices.


FeedLab automates the process of updating ads and keywords for large product catalogues, ensuring that our clients’ PPC and Shopping campaigns reflect the latest stock levels, price changes, or special offers.

AlertLab™ PPC campaign monitoring and testing


AlertLab is proprietary PPC campaign monitoring and testing software that works with Google AdWords and Bing Ads.


It saves time and your money by automatically running a series of custom checks, generating alerts based on campaign metrics, budget, or URL errors, and is a rapid testing platform for multiple ad texts and formats.

ReportLab™ centralised reporting for integrated campaigns


ReportLab integrates with third-party tools including Google AdWords and Analytics, DoubleClick, Bing and Baidu, as well as proprietary Search Laboratory tools.


Save time and money by tracking the things that really matter to your business, from a single customisable interface.

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