BidLab: PPC bid management software

Pete Whitmarsh

Head of Paid Media


BidLabTM is Search Laboratory’s bespoke PPC bid management software.

Developed in-house and constantly evolving, BidLab is unique to Search Laboratory. A PPC campaign may contain tens of thousands of individual keywords, and for best results bid prices should be monitored, analysed and adjusted daily to maximise ROI.

BidLab: adjusting tens of thousands of keywords every day

However, setting individual bid prices for thousands of keywords every day is practically impossible, especially when you have to make decisions on gut feel alone. Long-tail keywords (those that often have low search volume but a high conversion rate) are difficult to set bid prices for.

Often there is not enough data present to allow us to make informed choices about the statistical probability of said keyword converting into a sale.This problem is overcome with our bid management software. BidLab’s algorithm identifies the likelihood of each keyword converting by looking at keywords with similar intent.

Our PPC team take a highly conversion-focused, mathematical approach to PPC and in order to make informed decisions about bid prices, they let the numbers do the talking… Managed by our expert team of mathematics graduate account managers, BidLab makes statistically sound bid adjustments based on its calculated conversion rate quality score for keywords and significantly increases ROI from PPC campaigns in any language.

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