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Your data contains powerful insights

Our team of analytics experts and Google Cloud certified data engineers are skilled at identifying the insights we need and building machine learning algorithms that produce these actionable insights from your data, giving you a competitive edge.

Bespoke solutions

Using analytics to segment your audience allows you to engage your best customers: the ones that spend more or make more frequent purchases of certain types of products.


Not only are these customers more likely to convert, but it also increases their loyalty, and makes it easier for them to buy from you.


Our data scientists, digital strategists and data engineers work together to identify what data we need to improve your digital strategy and how we can collect these insights. Some of the ways we can use machine learning to improve your performance include:


  • Evaluating and predicting the true lifetime value of certain key events (key event valuation) by comparing their event to historical event data. The algorithm updates the key event valuation the more the user interacts with the site to ensure high accuracy
  • Feeding key event valuation data into Google Analytics as a goal so it can be used as a signal in auto-bidding or included as a metric in your dashboards and reports
  • Grouping users into audiences (audience definition) which can be fed back into Google Analytics to power paid marketing or website personalisation
  • Scoring a customer’s likelihood of being interested in certain products or product categories based on their previous purchase and browsing history (product affinity scoring). This can be used to personalise your website or improve your remarketing efforts.

We can also build a bespoke data-driven attribution model to best determine the value of any given touchpoint in your customer journey if the various available attribution solutions within your analytics platform are unsuitable.

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Attribution modelling

Attribution can be a complex, multi-dimensional challenge: customers engage over a period of time via multiple channels, on multiple devices, both online and offline.


We have the tools and specialist analysts to find the clarity you need, whatever your business goals, to make informed decisions on optimising your channel mix and spend.

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Audience segmentation

Not all customers are the same. We use your data to piece together journeys, and group customers into audiences.


Segmenting your audience allows you to engage your best customers and convert new ones. We can generate insights into which channels and messaging work best for your different audiences, optimise the journey to give users more personalised experiences, and adjust paid media campaigns to target high-value customers more aggressively, making more from your ad spend.

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