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A website with a low conversion rate will have a serious impact on your business. Each day you fail to address this, it’s more likely you will lose business to your competition. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) can fix this and increase your overall marketing ROI. 

Our CRO specialists implement experimentation and analyse user behaviour to understand the best ways to maximise online conversions. Whether it’s navigational issues or users struggling to understand certain terminology, our conversion rate optimisation team combine their knowledge of best practice alongside leading test platforms, to make sure your website converts as well as it should.

Search Laboratory are partners with Optimizely and in 2023, our CRO services were awarded Optimizely’s Experimentation Partner of the Year.

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A headshot of Hans Hoogenboom, Head of CRO at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Hans Hoogenboom

Our CRO services improve conversions, deliver business growth

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Conversion Management


Conversion Management is our ongoing CRO service. It enables us to get in the trenches with your team and provide strategic hands-on advice and support.



Conversion Audits


Conversion Audits are in-depth reports, based on the latest best practices, that result in a series of improvement recommendations to deploy and test.



Landing Page Optimisation


Landing Page Optimisation is best combined with paid advertising. It will increase lead value and volume to make your campaigns more profitable.



A client success story


Experimentation delivers a 44% increase in conversion rate for a leading student accommodation provider


One of the UK’s largest student accommodation providers needed our conversion rate optimisation services to optimise their onsite user experience. The goal was to increase the website’s existing conversion rate by optimising on-site performance.

Learn how by merchandising the website more effectively, running experiments and fixing UX bugs, our CRO specialists achieved a 44% increase in conversions.

What does a client feel about our CRO service?


“I’d happily recommend working with the CRO team at Search Laboratory. Excellent communication and flexibility have been vital to helping us achieve our ambitious targets, including increasing our conversion rate by 44%.”­­

Digital Content Manager, leading student accommodation provider

Leveraging optimisation and experimentation to drive growth

(on-demand webinar)



In this webinar, we’re joined by our partner Optimizely, a leading digital experience platform provider. Together we explore how large-scale businesses can supercharge experimentation to deliver genuine growth.


  • Discover how experimentation drives value by effectively monitoring what truly matters to your business
  • Uncover the advantages of harnessing the power of Optimizely for your experimentation efforts
  • Gain insights into our process of delivering digital experimentation and innovation that translates into growth for our enterprise-level clients
  • Optimisation best practices and a roadmap to achieving cutting-edge digital experiences.

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