Technology built with our clients in mind

Our technology has been developed by our team over years of working with enterprise businesses to give them the best chance of digital marketing success.

From auditing large-scale PPC accounts and gathering competitor insights to harnessing a database of influencers and central reporting; our technology offers unique capabilities to drive better performance from your digital marketing campaigns.

Innovative development team

Our in-house development team is able to automate complex tasks, pull data from multiple sources and present it in a digestible format, meaning our client teams are more efficient with their time and can spend it on valuable analysis.


Skills range from Microsoft Application development (C#, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure) to certified Google Data Engineers with expertise in Google BigQuery, DataPrep and Machine Learning on the Google Cloud Platform. Our team also has an in-depth knowledge of industry tools such as Google Marketing Platform, statistical analysis, data visualisation tools and has worked with Amazon and LinkedIn APIs.


Our technology stack


BidLab was the first piece of proprietary software that we built in order to manage large-scale international paid media campaigns more effectively.


Today, BidLab offers a full suite of tools to help enhance and streamline paid media account management, leaving time for valuable optimisation work to be implemented.


Tools include:

  • Shopping Campaign Manager
  • Product Feed Manipulator
  • Campaign Alerts
  • Automated Audit Tool.

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SEOLab is our in-house technology built with our clients’ needs in mind. From being able to track key competitors to monitoring potential changes that could be costly for SEO, its suite of tools ensures our clients have the best possible chance of organic search success.

Tools include:

  • HTML Monitor
  • SERP Analyser
  • Content Optimisation Insights
  • Link Equity Reclaimer
  • Organic Performance Insights
  • Third-party Data Importer.

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Award-winning campaigns:


ReportLab brings all of your digital reports together in one place. There’s no need to log into multiple systems to check your SEO and PPC reports, ReportLab stores them together along with past reports, which you can dig into at any time.

Tools include:

  • SEO Reporting
  • PPC Reporting
  • Social Reporting
  • Programmatic Reporting.

Working with industry leading technology:


CoLab is used by our media, events and social media teams to maximise the success of their outreach strategy. CoLab holds information on who the best influencers are for a range of industries, what forms of content work best, and which publications want what content. CoLab also looks for natural links and coverage allowing for accurate tracking of our campaigns.

Tools include:

  • Consumer Influencer Community
  • Outreach CRM
  • Backlink Verifier
  • Natural Link Checker
  • Project Dashboard
  • Disavow Alerts.

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