Digital Marketing Support for Private Equity Businesses

Expert advice from digital marketers to give you the confidence in your investment opportunity

Digital marketing analysis

Strategic assessment of performance

International consultancy

Capability assessments

Ongoing support

Through a rigorous due diligence process, we review and quantify key digital performance indicators which allow us to assess where risks and opportunities lie in your potential investment.



We offer investors:


  • Expert digital analysis and support throughout the investment lifecycle, spanning pre- and post-deal
  • Strategic and tactical assessment of digital marketing performance and maturity to identify risks and opportunities for value creation
  • Assessment and quantification of channel level activities including SEO, paid search, social media, paid social, display and video ads
  • Consultation and recommendations around the international readiness and/or maturity
  • Analysis of web analytics, online funnels and user experience
  • Actionable recommendations to improve return on investment
  • Capability assessments of internal and agency marketing teams
  • Ongoing strategic consultancy.

Digital experts


As a specialist digital marketing agency, we can provide expert analysis and advice based on over 15 years’ experience of working with clients across a range of sectors including retail, travel, financial services, technology and more.


We’ve audited hundreds of companies’ digital marketing campaigns from SMEs through to global enterprises, leading to improved performance and higher return on investment.

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Our solution


Our solution is scoped at the start of every engagement and, as a result, is completely bespoke to your needs. We will carry out a comprehensive analysis of digital performance across each online channel, for both your target/portfolio company and its competitors.


We then present our findings in a detailed report to highlight any gaps and opportunities, along with a priority list of actions and recommendations to improve performance. Our team can also provide ongoing consultancy to support you in implementing our recommendations and optimising performance.

A typical pre-deal investment due diligence engagement includes:


  • Assessment of digital marketing strategy and performance
  • Competitor analysis and industry benchmarking
  • Opportunity mapping, outlining priority-based recommendations to develop the business
  • Assessment of performance and potential of in-house teams
  • Assessment of agency partners
  • Overview of existing digital plans, including resources required.

A typical post-deal value enhancement report includes:


  • Comprehensive post-deal digital marketing analysis
  • Detailed digital roadmap, including key milestones
  • Review and advice on required resourcing
  • Support in the assessment and onboarding of external partners
  • Ongoing consultancy, reporting and support.

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