The brief

Withings is an online retailer of consumer health connected devices. They were bought out and rebranded to Nokia Health, before changing back to Withings.


Search Laboratory was tasked with improving their paid media ROI, following an inefficient media spend by their previous agency which saw the brand underperform online.


Search Laboratory took over their paid search, paid social and display in three languages across 16 countries, including the USA, France, UK, Germany and Canada.


We were also hired to look after Withings’ digital strategy to ensure an integrated approach that would mean budget was spent efficiently.


YoY revenue uplift


overall decrease in ad spend


increase in overall ROAS


The health device and smart watch market is very competitive, and one of the challenges we faced was steep competition on both branded and non-branded terms; for generic non-branded terms, Withings were competing against well-known brands such as Fitbit, while they faced competition for branded terms from retailers such as Amazon sellers who stocked their products at a lower price point.

A further complication we faced on the account was the rebrand (from Nokia Health) to Withings.

The solution

Our digital strategy team analysed Withings’ paid search and paid social data to identify which products worked well, as well as the targeting options (audiences and keywords) which were performing well. These insights were used to create an integrated strategy, as well as inform budget allocations across all paid activity.

Paid search

  • Restructured the shopping campaigns to allow for better budget and bidding control for both brand and generic searches
  • Rebuilt the search campaigns into a logical structure and expanded the generic keyword range. This was implemented across all markets.

We utilised several features of Search Ads 360 to optimise Withings’ paid search activity:


  • We set up a data-driven attribution model to measure how each stream contributed to overall performance. These insights were used to optimise campaigns
  • The SA360 budget management tool was used to ensure that Withings’ monthly budgets were used in the best way to maximise revenue
  • We created a custom ‘mid-funnel KPI’ conversion, which was tracked and targeted along with website purchases.


increase in revenue


decrease in spend


increase in ROAS


  • Restructured the Facebook campaigns to optimise budget more efficiently across the different markets, by distributing spend by performance rather than country size
  • Built a new target list on Facebook which overlaid interests with lookalike audience based on Withings’ CRM data
  • Targeted mid-intent and high-intent audiences on Facebook and Display, based on their on-site activity
  • Built a diverse portfolio of creatives in multiple languages including: banners, carousels, collection ads and videos
  • CTAs and copy were tailored.


increase in revenue


decrease in spend


increase in ROAS

Executing campaigns internationally

  • Our international specialists built out localised keyword lists for each market
  • They then reviewed search traffic in each market to highlight keywords that were performing strongly. Any keywords that were not already included were added to the list
  • They also looked at search terms that were performing poorly. These were added as negative keywords
  • The US campaigns were predominantly focused on scales, whereas our EU campaigns focused on their watch offering.

The results

We saw an overall 14% revenue uplift year on year, with ad spend down by 60% and ROAS up 187%.

Year on year results:

Paid search
  • 11% increase in revenue
  • 39% decrease in spend
  • 81% increase in ROAS.
  • 24% increase in revenue
  • 83% decrease in spend
  • 632% increase in ROAS.
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