Identifying growth opportunities in new international markets (Whitepaper)



Expanding into new international markets is an exciting prospect for Market Leaders. It can offer a wealth of opportunities to grow brand awareness and increase revenue. But this is only possible by taking a strategic approach which combines detailed research, country-specific considerations and expert insights.

An international digital marketing strategy cannot be rushed. Instead the path to global expansion is built around a series of gradual stages, all of which ensure that your organisation achieves sustainable economic success in a new territory.

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The challenges of international expansion


The main challenge surrounding international expansion is assuming that it is just a case of quickly translating an existing website into another language.

The repercussions from doing this can be highly damaging to your brand’s reputation in a new international market, possibly leading to economic loss and failure to reach your new audience.

Going international takes patience and knowing the correct way to enter a new global market is a challenge in itself. This is why working with experts in international digital marketing, such as Search Laboratory is vital.

By having an international team comprised of mother-tongue digital marketing experts, struggles and questions when entering a new global territory are taken into consideration at every stage.

Following a detailed international growth framework, our experts are able to work alongside Marketing Leaders to ensure key barriers surrounding expansion are actioned in ways that are linguistically and culturally appropriate to your new target audience.


This first whitepaper in our international series covers:


  • Ways to research market suitability in overseas territories
  • Search Laboratory being part of Google’s International Growth Agency Program (IGAP)
  • How to start testing a digital marketing strategy in new international markets
  • The business factors that need considering when expanding internationally:
    • Setting a realistic budget
    • The time it will take to go global
    • The skills and resource required.


International white paper 2023 - Instalment 1.3 - Identifying growth opportunities in new international markets - cover image

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