Analytics, data, and your digital marketing strategy

Your data contains powerful insights. However, browser updates and new data regulations make it harder to track cookies and therefore collect first-party data from your audience.


Data preservation

With the phasing out of cookies to track users across the web and different devices, we cannot see the full customer journey which led them to conversion. This makes it harder to know which channels and campaigns to invest in, in order to improve performance.


We can help you to preserve and enrich your first-party data while still respecting your audience’s privacy.


We specialise in using data engineering and data visualisation to deliver in-depth, actionable insights. Our data team works closely with our digital strategists to turn these insights into a digital marketing strategy that will help you to achieve your business goals.

The best tools and technology

Our team are experts at using the best and most relevant technology platforms to get more from your data. Whether you need help implementing Google Analytics 4, or bespoke data-driven attribution models built, we can help.


We are one of just a few UK agencies to be awarded the full Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner status, and we constantly review the market for the best and latest-third party tools to ensure we are using the right platforms to meet our clients’ needs.


We also have our own proprietary suite of tools which can be used for advanced data collection, analysis, and reporting.

An end-to-end data solution

From setting up Google Analytics to properly track your business objectives, to developing bespoke machine learning solutions, and building custom reports for all stakeholders, we can help you with any – or all – stages of your data journey.

  • Data collection
  • Data engineering
  • Data visualisation
  • Digital strategy.

Data collection

Business intelligence and data science requires large volumes of clean data. We can help you to collect, clean, and organise your data.

Data engineering

Make your data work for you.

We have a team of Google Cloud certified data engineers who can build advanced solutions including:


  • Integrating GA360 with your CRM system
  • Implementing Measurement Protocol to allow for offline tracking
  • Uploading external data via Data Import to connect and analyse all data within analytics
  • Advanced user engagement, event, and funnel tracking
  • Complete customisation to ensure tracking captures your key website entities and events. Custom dimensions could include users, content, products, KPIs, funnels, transactions, etc.

Data visualisation

Being able to present data in the right format for the right person is key to ensuring all stakeholders understand performance and achieving stakeholder buy in.


We have a dedicated business intelligence team that specialise in connecting and blending your different data sources and creating integrated reports and dashboards that are easy to interpret.


Digital strategy

We have a digital strategy team who are experts in analysing your data and building a bespoke strategy that will help you to achieve your wider business goals, not just single channel KPIs.


We can provide a range of consultancy and support services including:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Data strategy
  • Audience marketing strategy
  • Channel mix and budget advice
  • Attribution
  • Data analysis including machine learning and predictive modelling.


As a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, we are one of a handful of agencies trusted by Google to carry out training across the technology stack. We offer beginner, advanced and bespoke training across all the Google platforms.

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Meet some of our analytics experts

A photo of Paul Shearing, Head of Data and Analytics at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Paul Shearing

Head of Analytics

A photo of Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Jimmy McCann

Head of Digital Strategy

A photo of Angus Hamilton, Chief Technology Officer, at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Angus Hamilton

Chief Technology Officer

“I value their expertise. They understand our business model but are also adaptive to change. They have initiative and are good at finding problems and coming back with solutions. They want to do the best.”

Nicola Vidal, Head of Commerce, giffgaff

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