An integrated marketing solution for enterprises

The Google Marketing Platform is a suite of tools which combines advertising and analytics, giving brands the ability to gain cross-channel insights and use these to deliver an integrated digital marketing strategy.

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Working with a Sales Partner

As one of just a handful of trusted UK-headquartered Sales Partners, we offer expert implementation, training and ongoing service support for Google Analytics 360, Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360 and Optimize 360.

We are a full-service digital agency that offers paid search, SEO, display, social media, digital strategy and international services. Whether you need help turning insights into strategy, executing an integrated digital strategy, or delivering a higher ROI, we will work with you to ensure your business goals are met.

The tools

From gaining in-depth audience insights, to creating cross-channel campaigns, utilising the full Google Marketing Platform stack makes it easier than ever to create and action a data-driven integrated digital marketing strategy. And with a greater ability for cross-team collaboration and customisable dashboards within one interface, it’s perfect for brands who want a smooth strategy across in-house and external teams.

Why upgrade to Google Marketing Platform?

The Google Marketing Platform is home to the best tools and technology in the industry. Get access to deeper real-time insights, create and manage more targeted paid search and programmatic campaigns, and deliver a better customer experience, all in one integrated easy-to-use platform.

Analytics 360

Unsampled data. Custom dimensions and metrics. Data freshness. Data-driven attribution modelling. Increased functionality. Get advanced insights and take your digital marketing strategy to the next level with Google Analytics 360.

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What you will learn:

  • When to get started with your digital marketing ramp-up plans
  • How to get your digital channels back up to speed
  • The tactics to use to ensure a smooth transition period
  • How to keep productive in the current climate.

Search Ads 360

Automated bidding. Cross-channel conversion tracking. Unified reporting. Manage multiple ad accounts, across multiple search engines, in one integrated platform.

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Display & Video 360

Combine Google data with first and third-party data to find and target new customers. Gain real-time insights on campaign performance and media spend. Negotiate directly with premium publishers on ad inventory. Design and build creatives. D&V 360 has all the tools needed to manage end-to-end programmatic campaigns, in one easy to use interface.

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Tag Manager 360

Gain more control and greater flexibility with Google Tag Manager 360. One code; enterprise-level support and features.

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Data Studio

Build and share custom reports that can be edited and accessed in real-time. With the ability to display multi-channel data side by side, Data Studio enables you to gain holistic insights into your digital performance.

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We outline how marketers can effectively use their time during the coronavirus pandemic, including a free custom Data Studio dashboard to measure engagement.

Staying productive during the COVID-19 crisis

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“To run a successful campaign, you need a good relationship and a certain level of trust. In that respect we are in a really good place with Search Laboratory.”

Michal Chrusciel, Senior SEO Manager, MATCHESFASHION.COM

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