Online workshop: Data preservation and digital marketing in a post-cookie world

What is this workshop about?

In this online workshop, our Head of Digital Strategy, Jimmy McCann, and our Head of Programmatic, James Kenny explore what the demise of third-party data means for advertisers and how you can adapt your digital marketing for a post-cookie world.


The workshop uncovers how you can best preserve and enrich your data, gather valuable insights and utilise your first-party data to target your customers more effectively.

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What you will learn:


  • How changes in privacy and cookie laws are impacting your analytics and ability to accurately track the customer journey
  • The effect this has on your ability to accurately track the performance of third-party advertising
  • How you can adapt your digital advertising and the tools you need to succeed in the post-cookie landscape


Meet your speakers


Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy

Jimmy is a leading expert in attribution and is Search Laboratory’s lead adviser on using data in cross-channel digital strategy. He is a regular contributor to industry publications and has worked at a strategic level with global brands, including Ann Summers, The Outnet, Citrix and Kingston Technologies.

James Kenny, Head of Programmatic

James has worked at Search Laboratory for over seven years and has been instrumental in the growth of the Programmatic department. James was also central to Search Laboratory becoming Display & Video 360 certified. He has extensive experience working with a variety of national and international clients and his team has managed programmatic campaigns in 86 countries worldwide.

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