The brief


ShareFile is a subsidiary of Citrix, and is one of their core product offerings.

ShareFile’s main solution is secure file sharing for businesses, particularly those with large document requirements (e.g. contracts). Their main industries include finance, legal, business and construction.

They work in a competitive market with rivals such as Dropbox and SharePoint. They came to Search Laboratory because they wanted to improve rankings for their top keywords through a combination of link acquisition and technical improvements to their website. This included focusing on reducing the chances of keyword cannibalisation across their key pages.


pieces of coverage




top keywords increased in rankings

The solution


To increase ShareFile’s backlink profile, and drive brand awareness in the US, we created a PR campaign which evaluated and highlighted which cities in America were the best for women to achieve business success. The campaign was based on the following data:

  • % of women-owned businesses
  • % of executive jobs held by women
  • Women’s wages as % of men’s
  • Women’s buying power rank.

The results


Links from top sites such as:

  • Bizjournals (DA93), Inc. (DA92), (DA91), Miami Herald (DA91), SmallBizTrends (DA83), (DA82), SmallBizDaily (DA58).

Coverage from publications such as:

  • Baltimore Sun, SWFloridaBusinessToday, Working Woman Report, Express Telegraph.

On-site and keyword performance


  • Second most visited blog on the ShareFile website in 2017
  • Seven smart goal completions on the site (indicates it’s engaging readers)
  • Assisted in improving the rank of seven of the client’s top 10 target keywords to within the top 2 pages of Google
    • “Secure File Sharing” 32 > 18
    • “File Share” – not ranking > 11
    • “Client portal” – not ranking > 11

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