The brief


A leading multinational SaaS company, specialising in a range of digital transformation solutions, had been struggling with organic performance in various territories. The business wanted to increase page and domain authority in these specific markets and, by doing so, increase keyword rankings.

An additional goal was to identify topics where the business could become more of an authority and use these insights in more international campaigns. After increasing non-branded clicks for another SaaS company, our International SEO, Technical SEO, and Translation teams used this experience to their advantage and set to work.


increase in clicks in the US


increase in page clicks in Germany


increase in non-brand ranking keywords in France

An integrated international strategy


The main goal for the teams, between May and July 2023, was to optimise informational pages and offer recommendations on how to optimise on-page content for each market. Our teams also needed to consider cultural and linguistic differences to ensure content was localised correctly.

Discovering the keywords that posed the highest opportunities, then creating localised content that matched up with the business’s priorities was essential in increasing organic performance and achieving this goal. To understand the best opportunities to increase organic performance, our experts developed a strategy that integrated international SEO, technical SEO, and website translation teams:

  • Technical SEO performed content audits and outlined geotargeting issues
  • These informed the international SEO team’s localised keyword research
  • The localised keyword research resulted in the translation team creating brand new, locally optimised page copy.

The teams used numerous tools to research target keywords: Google Search Console, Adobe Analytics, and Search Laboratory’s proprietary tool SEOLab.

The international SEO strategy in action


United States


On the US version of the website, our teams:

  • Built out pillar pages for localisation in France and Germany
  • Optimised 25 webpages for the client
  • Built content based on the highest priority industry focuses.



On the German version of the client’s website, our experts:

  • Optimised 30 service and landing pages
  • Translated nine informational pages into German
  • Created new content pieces based around several sector-specific topics.



On the client’s French version of their website, we:

  • Optimised 19 service landing pages
  • Translated 13 informational pages from English into French
  • Created new content about the business’s core services.

The results our teams achieved


United States


The integrated strategy our teams developed achieved remarkable results for the client in the United States:

  • 128% increase in non-brand ranking keywords in positions 1-3 of SERPs
  • 25% increase in clicks
  • One key phrase moved to position #1.



During May and July 2023, the key results our experts gained for the business in Germany included:

  • 135% increase in non-brand ranking keywords in positions 1-3 of SERPs
  • 43% increase in page clicks
  • 220% increase in clicks to informational articles
  • Two search terms became new keywords in the number 1 spot.





Three of the results our team’s achieved in France for the client included:

  • A 2,633% increase in non-brand ranking keywords appearing in positions 1-3 of SERPs
  • 637% increase in clicks through to the website compared with May to July 2022
  • A 1,334% increase in non-brand ranking keywords.

Through this integrated and strategic approach, our expert teams achieved the client’s goals of improving and increasing organic performance in these three territories, compared with the results in 2022.

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