How and why you should activate enriched data in GA4 (GA4 Summit Series video)

What is this on-demand video about?


Once marketers have collated all the data, got the consent of users and injected your first-party data by leveraging modelling, it is time to close the automation process through activation. GA4 is the conduit for activation.

It allows marketers to activate the value of conversions or audiences, through models that are more in line with overall company objectives, that have been created in GA4. By allowing marketers to value any piece of data and map specific audience segments, GA4 delivers stronger, holistic and more future-proofed results for marketing campaigns.

This is the fourth and final part in our ‘GA4 Summit’ series that focuses on how marketers can collect, inject, model and activate their marketing data through Google Analytics 4.

Download this GA4 video about activating data here

You will learn about:


  • Activate value and audiences in GA4
  • Refine value based bidding
  • Use data to refine targeting
  • Integrate audiences into Google Ads, DV360, and SA360.

Meet your speaker


A photo of Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy.


Jimmy is Search Laboratory’s lead adviser on cross-channel digital strategy. Jimmy has worked across paid search, SEO, analytics and data and strategy, and currently leads technology partnerships for the agency. Jimmy has delivered various online and in-person sessions about the benefits of GA4 and regularly contributes to industry publications including The Drum.

Download this GA4 Summit video here