Why you need Google Analytics 4: reconnecting the customer journey (Online workshop)

What is this workshop about?


The continued loss of cookies and the rise of data governance policies have accelerated the need for analytics platform innovations to piece online journeys back together.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) empowers growing and enterprise-level businesses to build for a cookieless future, by offering machine learning-powered cross-platform and multi-device insights, which will shape your strategy and transform data into business growth.

In this on-demand online workshop, our Head of Analytics and Data Science, Paul Shearing explores the next-generation features and practical applications of GA4. Our Head of Digital Strategy, Jimmy McCann uncovers GA4’s solutions to cookieless challenges and the opportunities the platform can provide for brands. Jimmy and Paul also explain how, and why, you need to get started with your Google Analytics 4 setup today.

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What you will learn:


  • An overview of Google Analytics 4 properties
  • How GA4’s unified analytics will enable brands to construct a holistic view of the customer journey and aid advanced analysis
  • How to maintain the richness of data
  • The opportunities and use cases for enterprise businesses
  • Demo of the next-generation features
  • How to get started with your Google Analytics 4 setup and migration
  • The advanced digital marketing possibilities you can leverage with enhanced data.

Meet your speakers


A photo of Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.


Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy


Jimmy is Search Laboratory’s lead adviser on using data in cross-channel digital strategy. Jimmy has worked at a strategic level with global brands, including Ann Summers and Citrix.

A photo of Paul Shearing, Head of Data and Analytics at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Paul Shearing, Head of Analytics


Paul currently leads the analytics team. Having started in paid search, Paul has also specialised in conversion optimisation and is an expert in Google Analytics. He works with clients to drive value from the platform and utilise its advanced features.

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