Creating an effective inbound B2B strategy can be challenging. Whether your team is just starting online or expanding an established brand into new markets, every stage of B2B marketing has opportunities and challenges that help or hinder moving to the next level.

By exploring this B2B Playbook, digital marketers will understand where they currently sit in their market and how to utilize data-backed insights to grow revenue. We have compiled guides, webinars, and case studies to assist any marketing team in their journey to digital maturity. 

We identified four key themes that any B2B marketer should master.

  • Data
  • Assets
  • Traffic
  • International Growth

These themes are divided into three sections based on veteran status so that all marketing professionals will benefit, whether just entering the workforce or running an entire team.

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In the Data section, we’ve compiled valuable insights on everything you’ll need to know, from capturing data to building advanced machine-learning solutions using your available first-party data.

Organize your data for better results



When it comes to Marketing Assets, it’s all about getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. Here, we review how to use personalized content to provide a better user experience for your customers so you can encourage more conversions.

Create eye-catching marketing assets


In the 
Traffic section, we look at paid and organic methods that grow your reach to get the right traffic to convert.

Broaden your reach



If you’re expanding into international markets, the International section is for you. Here, we review everything you’ll need to consider when going global.

Ready to go global?

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Entering new markets and expanding for growth


In this webinar, Google and Search Laboratory discuss the growth opportunities of international expansion and how companies can strengthen their digital presence by entering new markets. With our extensive experience in the technology industry, we will highlight in-depth case studies that reveal actionable insights for global growth.


Google Search Laboratory webinar entering new markets

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