How GA4 works and why you should collect better data (GA4 Summit Series video)

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2024 can be seen as an inflection point for marketers around the globe. The two key factors that have impacted marketers the most are the acceleration of AI and the diminishment of third-party cookies. So while marketers core role is staying the same, the way marketers approach marketing is evolving.

Users are now, more than ever, concerned how their information is collected and used, and because of this, complexities surrounding user behaviour is accelerating. While these are drastic changes, there is potential for new opportunities and growth in the marketing landscape.

With these factors in mind, GA4 has been developed to embody Google’s industry-leading approach to user privacy. Google Analytics 4 helps digital marketers to transition to cookieless measurement and activation. This is what “Collect”, the first episode of our GA4 Summit Series, explores.

Watch this video and learn how GA4 collects better data

You will learn about:


  • How Google Analytics 4 works and the ways it is better than Universal Analytics
  • Understanding and trusting GA4
  • What GA4 event based schema is
  • Why user properties are key to getting the most out of GA4
  • Improvements to data-driven attribution models
  • How Consent Mode works.

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A photo of Paul Shearing, Head of Data and Analytics at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Paul Shearing, Head of Analytics at Search Laboratory


Paul is an expert in GA4 and leads our analytics team at Search Laboratory. Paul delivers training sessions about Google Analytics 4 to clients and works with them to utilise its advanced features to drive value from the platform.

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