Why you should inject first-party data into Google Analytics 4 (GA4 Summit Series video)

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After setting up GA4 to collect all available online data, the next step is to look at ways to inject first-party data into Google Analytics 4.

As third-party cookies deplete, first-party data gives marketers the power to get closer to the journey customers take. By combining behavioural data from online and offline sources, Google Analytics 4 can deliver advanced solutions that achieve stronger and more profitable results.

This stage makes up the second video in our GA4 Summit Series entitled ‘Inject’.

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A photo of Paul Shearing, Head of Data and Analytics at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Paul Shearing, Head of Analytics at Search Laboratory


Paul leads our analytics team at Search Laboratory and is an expert in GA4. Paul delivers GA4 training sessions to clients and works closely with them to ensure they are utilising its advanced features to drive true value from the platform.

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