Many hidden and deceptive variables are entwined in the retail industry. Whether it’s considering margins, calculating customer lifetime values or factoring returns, expanding data collection is the key to evolving your digital marketing strategy.  

Zooming into individual product metrics and their performance unlocks true ROAS, enabling you to prioritise your marketing towards genuinely profitable campaigns.

Our Retail Marketing Resources Hub contains a wealth of content, help guide retail marketers as they research, develop and grow a data-driven strategy.

Unlocking retail data to drive true business growth (Online workshop)


Download our on-demand workshop to uncover what really makes your retail business grow – profit and lifetime value versus focusing on revenue-based KPIs. Gaining perspective over the true value of your ad spend and profits is essential for navigating informed and dependable decisions to drive true business growth.


What you will learn:


  • Realigning your digital marketing to the real KPIs that drive business growth
  • How to break through a growth plateau
  • How to incorporate first-party data to build a profit-focused growth strategy, that includes:
    • Establishing the impact of product margins
    • Returns
    • Customer lifetime value (CLV)
    • Customer acquisition costs (CAC)
  • Defining a roadmap to increase your digital maturity.

Resources and insights

Learn about the latest trends impacting retail marketers through our expert insights, online workshops and podcasts. 

Searching for additional value in fashion marketing (Whitepaper)

Learn more about combating fashion’s key challenges, how to streamline your strategy and boost profits in our expert informed whitepaper.

Using customer lifetime value to overcome a growth plateau

Discover how harnessing customer lifetime value makes it possible to overcome growth plateaus and move closer to your data.

Unlocking retail data to drive true business growth (Podcast)

In this podcast episode, the team is joined by Raymond Yao, Senior Marketing Lead APAC at Mulberry and Mark Harrison, Ecommerce Manager at Salonwear Direct to discuss some of the key issues that retailers are facing right now.

How to use your returns data to boost profits and overall website performance

Discover how moving closer to your returns data can help boost profits and streamline your marketing strategy.

The attribution challenges of high-value online purchases (online workshop)

In this online workshop, learn how to overcome attribution challenges selling high-value purchases and how to shift towards centralized data.

The attribution challenges of high-value online purchases workshop

Retail case studies

Explore some of the work we’ve done and the results we’ve achieved for retail clients.

Long-term digital partnership drives sustained EU growth for Burton Snowboards

Find out how we successfully launched our client into international markets and increased their paid revenue by 590%.

187% increase in ROAS for Withings

Find out how we increased revenue and ROAS while decreasing spend across PPC and programmatic for a health device and smartwatch client.

Brand awareness campaign leads to 215% more traffic for Kreg Tool

Read how Search Laboratory helped Kreg Tool enter a new market and increase revenue through display, video and paid social.

Deep analysis of incremental Amazon ad spend increased iROAS by 11.26% for Mars Petcare

Deep analysis of incremental Amazon ad spend increased iROAS by 11.26% for Mars Petcare

Read our marketplaces case study to see how by testing revenue data our experts were able to identify and increase iROAS for Mars Petcare.

67% revenue uplift from paid media campaigns for allplants

Find out how our PPC and video campaigns helped allplants’ evolve their digital marketing strategy and increase revenue by 67%.

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