The brief


allplants is a subscription-based meal delivery company. The company approached Search Laboratory after reaching a growth plateau, worrying that its team had maximized the potential of its current marketing mix.

They engaged with the intention of evolving PPC further into their overall strategy with a specific focus on lowering the cost per acquisition of new customers and improving brand awareness throughout the marketing funnel.


PPC revenue increase


of paid revenue from shopping campaign


of paid revenue from remarketing

Our recommended solution


  • Strategy analysis and testing to unlock opportunities and evolve the current strategy
  • A non-brand search restructure
  • Harnessing Google Ads’ Value-Based Smart Bidding + Broad Match
  • Investing in YouTube ads to drive online sales

Through extensive analysis of their current strategy, we built recommendations and forecasts for a consistent plan to improve performance. Utilizing a test-and-learn approach, our insights unlocked the right audiences to resonate with the client’s specific, subscription-led offering.

Restructuring search activity


One of the critical projects in our approach was a non-brand search restructure and a move to value-based bidding. We recognized the scope for growth in moving from an “Exact and Phrase Match” structure to an “Exact and Broad Match” structure.

This made it possible to focus on the varying search behaviors we witnessed users adopting when looking for specific food and subscription-based products allplants were looking to capitalize on.

Optimizing video activity in YouTube ads


Our insights highlighted the depth of opportunity within video activity and informed our investments into YouTube ads to drive online sales. To move closer to this market, we began running tests in a variety of audiences and mediums specific to video activity covering:

  • 44 different audiences 
  • 3 bid strategies
  • 8 video ads
  • 3 landing pages
  • 3 ad formats

Spread across six separate video campaigns, we then refined the activity by utilizing Google Ads’ Smart Bidding, Product Feed, and Brand Lift studies to gain insight into campaign performance. Harnessing the feedback from this research, we were able to run bespoke search and video campaigns in front of specific, highly targeted audiences that drove significant traffic to our client.

The results


  • 67% revenue increase YoY within the same ROAS targets from Google paid media campaigns
  • Conversions from video activity increased over 12x within twelve months
  • According to Google’s Brand Lift study, YouTube campaigns provided a 52% increase in brand awareness and a 37% increase in purchase intent for the exposed group vs. control.

Through our non-brand search restructure, we significantly boosted revenue by targeting specific search behaviors that our research revealed. allplants can now leverage this key learning in their future marketing and evolve their strategy to the next level.

Our video testing also witnessed rapid growth, increasing conversions from video activity by over 12x within twelve months, and placed the brand in front of highly targeted audiences on a broader scale.


Google’s Brand Lift studies showed that our video activity performed “Best in Class,” driving a 52% increase in overall brand awareness and a 37% increase in purchase intent. We also informed the client of the depth and variety of customers’ search behaviors, e.g., ‘meal planning,’ which they can leverage moving forward.

“We really value how Search Laboratory work collaboratively with us, they are always open to direction from our side, but equally bring ideas and insights from their broad experience. We’re really pleased with the progress made.”


Emma Jeszke, Head of Performance Marketing at allplants


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