Display & Video 360

Build and manage data-driven programmatic campaigns across display, video, TV and audio

Access to premium, brand-safe digital inventory

Integration with the full Google Marketing Platform

Create engaging display, audio and video ads

Campaign Manager | Integrated Ad Management

Access campaign data and insights in real-time

Build and manage combined audiences

Why Display & Video 360?

With DV360, it’s easier to design, build and manage programmatic campaigns from start to finish. Comprised of five modules, you can: define budgets; build audiences; gather and report on insights; build creative display, audio and video ads; access premium inventory and negotiate deals directly with publishers, all within one interface.


Benefit from features like automated bidding, access to first and third-party data, fraud prevention, brand safety tools and advanced campaign customization options.

Integrated campaigns

Previously DoubleClick Bid Manager, Display & Video 360 now sits within the Google Marketing Platform and benefits from integration across all tools, including Analytics 360 and Campaign Manager. Benefit from:


  • De-duplicated data for more accurate attribution
  • Advanced cross-channel audience insights for an informed strategy
  • Ability to create remarketing lists and find similar audiences using cross-channel data.

Watch our on-demand webinar to find out:

  • The benefits and features of DV360  and what it can do for brands
  • How to accurately track the value of your display campaigns and the impact they have on other digital channels
  • How it integrates with the rest of the Google Marketing Platform and how to make the most of cross-channel insights
  • Why would you choose DV360 over other products such as the Google Display Network (GDN) and how to decide which platform is right for you
  • Examples of how to use the tool to plan, build and manage effective

Data-driven strategies

With information on over 65 dimensions and 145 metrics, the D&V360 Insights module delivers the data necessary to create bespoke campaigns that deliver results, with several dimensions updated in real time within the module; build tables and graphs directly within the interface without the need to export data. Optimize your campaigns using fresh data for instant results.

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How we can help

With Display & Video 360, Search Laboratory can:
  • Use cross-channel insights to build an advanced programmatic strategy
  • Secure premium, brand-safe and relevant ad inventory
  • Execute data-driven campaigns tailored to your customer journey for improved performance
  • Design on-brand creative ads across display, audio and video
  • Utilize data-driven attribution for advanced business insights
  • Create customized reports based on your campaign goals.

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