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Many hidden and often deceptive variables are entwined in the retail industry. Calculating customer lifetime values, factoring returns, availability, the list goes on.


As retail continues to grow and evolve at record speeds, searching for additional value is becoming increasingly important. Global ecommerce saw more growth during April and May of 2020 than the previous decade, with the UK witnessing digital sales jump from 18% to 30%.


In this workshop, you will learn how to define what really makes your business grow – profit and lifetime value versus focusing on revenue-based KPIs which can actually limit your business growth.


Gaining perspective over the true value of your costing and profits is essential for navigating informed and dependable decisions, evolving your strategy to drive true business growth.

What you will learn:


  • Realigning your digital marketing to the real KPIs that drive business growth
  • How to break through a growth plateau
  • How to incorporate first-party data to build a profit-focused growth strategy, that includes:
    • Establishing the impact of product margins
    • Returns
    • Customer lifetime value (CLV)
    • Customer acquisition costs (CAC)
  • Defining a roadmap to increase your digital maturity
  • Building a foundation that enables a profitable return based on your digital marketing budget.

Meet your speakers

David Howlett, Data Solutions Architect

David has worked at Search Laboratory for seven years, starting in paid media and then moving into digital strategy. Currently a Data Solutions Architect, his experience is centred around utilising the power of cloud-based solutions (BigQuery, TensorFlow) to extrapolate and model value within our clients’ data. He’s worked with a multitude of retail clients including, Ann Summers, Oasis Fashion, and Withings.


Chris Attewell, CEO

Chris joined Search Laboratory in 2012 and has helped clients including VISA, glh Hotels and Citrix to grow their online traffic and revenue during that time. As CEO, Chris provides strategic leadership and direction for Search Laboratory’s operations in the UK and the US, working with clients and internal teams to deliver profitable online customer acquisition campaigns across multiple countries.​

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Screenshot of the Search Laboratory workshop called 'Unlocking retail data to drive true business growth'.

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