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As a performance marketing agency, we are excited about all things online. In our digital marketing podcast series, we discuss many topics with our in-house experts, including data privacy, the future of artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and more.

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International Women’s Day Special


In this International Women’s Day special edition of our podcast, our panel opens up about the challenges they’ve faced as women during their careers and how they’ve overcome obstacles to find success.

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Unlocking Future-Proof Solutions for B2B Marketers


In this episode, the team is joined by Heidrun Luyt, Global CMO at Pipedrive and David Enwright, Marketing Director at Post Office. This episode dives into the challenges that B2B marketers face and offers insightful perspectives on what it takes to succeed.

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The Challenges in Travel Marketing and the Road to Digital Maturity


In this episode, the team is joined by Sarah Fowler, Head of Brand & Acquisition at Riviera Travel, and Lennert De Jong, President at Planet and former CCO at citizenM Hotels. This episode explores the challenges and opportunities the travel industry faces now, and how your business can achieve digital maturity.

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The Changing Landscape of Data Privacy and What Marketers Need to Know


In this episode, the team is joined by Meghan Bazaman, Senior Marketing Analyst at Getapp, a Gartner company, to discuss the ever-changing landscape of data privacy and what marketers need to know.

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Unlocking Retail Data to Drive True Business Growth


In this episode, the team is joined by Raymond Yao, Senior Marketing Lead APAC at Mulberry and Mark Harrison, Ecommerce Manager at Salonwear Direct to some of the key issues that retailers are facing right now.

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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2022


In this episode, the team is joined by Julia Munder, International Marketing Director of luxury leather goods brand Maxwell-Scott. They explore the current and emerging trends of 2022 with a focus on retail.

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What Is Business Intelligence and How Can It Transform Your Business?


In this episode, Heidrun Luyt, former Chief Marketing Officer of FTSE250 online trading firm IG Group, joins the team to explore the endless possibilities of business intelligence, examples of what you can do with it, and the tools to use on your journey.

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Black Friday 2021: Predictions, Trends, and Opportunities for Brands


In this episode, Search Laboratory’s Founder, Ian Harris, and the rest of the team consider lessons learned from last year’s holiday season and the trends across digital channels. They also dive into their recommended strategies to maximize sales during this peak shopping period.

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The End of Third-party Cookies and the Future of Privacy


In this episode, Search Laboratory’s Founder, Ian Harris, and the team discuss the phasing out of third-party cookies and the future of privacy. They explore the effects of changes to tracking and analytics and what marketers should be doing right now.

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In this podcast episode, Ian Harris is joined by Paul Shearing, Head of Analytics, Pete Whitmarsh, Head of Paid Media, and Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy, to discuss the specific problems ITP and cookies are causing for marketers, some of the solutions to these problems and what the future will look like regarding this growing issue.

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Kick-starting Your Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World


The coronavirus crisis has changed how consumers behave, with many verticals experiencing a drop in sales and others experiencing an increase in demand. In this episode, Search Laboratory’s Ian Harris is joined by Pete Whitmarsh, Head of Paid Media, and Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy, to discuss how to know when to ramp marketing back up again, the different tactics that may be required and what you should be doing now.

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