Unlocking retail data to drive true business growth (Podcast)

In this episode, the team discusses key issues that retailers face, such as stock issues and returns, establishing the impact of product margins, revenue versus profit, and incorporating customer lifetime value. Together they also explore the importance of tracking the right retail data to unlock the insights that will power true business growth.


Topics discussed include:


  • The impact of returns and stock issues
  • The pandemic’s influence on consumer behaviour and the decline in footfall and travel retail
  • Customer lifetime value and online privacy, finding a balanced approach to targeting interested customers without being intrusive 
  • How the demise of cookies and degradation of data have made attribution and knowing where to invest marketing budgets more complex
  • The importance of collecting and tracking the right data
  • Optimizing towards profit versus revenue to break through a performance plateau


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Joining this episode of the podcast are:

A photo of Ian Harris, Founder and Executive Chairman of Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Ian Harris

Founder and Executive Chairman

A photo of Anita Klinkosz, Audience Architect at Havas Media Network.

Anita Klinkosz

Audience Architect at Havas Media Network

A photograph of Dave Howlett, Head of Data Science at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Dave Howlett

Head of Data Science

We’re also joined by…



Raymond Yao, Senior Marketing Lead, Mulberry


Having lived and worked in China, Hong Kong, and London, Raymond Yao is an experienced marketing expert with a wealth of experience across content strategy, brand and digital marketing, and campaign roll-out. He is currently working at Mulberry as a Senior Marketing Lead with previous experience at Selfridges overseeing global marketing activities across Greater China, Middle East, and the US.

Mark Harrison, Ecommerce Consultant and Founder of The Ecom Lab


At the time of recording Mark was Ecommerce Manager at Salonwear Direct. Mark has over 7 years’ experience in a variety of different sectors and in both the B2B and B2C markets.

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