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The current situation

Due to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and the financial turmoil this has caused, including fluctuating currencies and volatile markets, a whole host of opportunities has opened up for you to exploit. And we want to show you how with expert analysis from Google.

Right now, the dollar is very strong in comparison to the pound and euro, which means you will get much more bang for your marketing buck entering now than you would have had only a month ago.

There has been a lot of debate about what is going to happen in the future, and what the lasting impact will be. However, we want to focus on how these events provide opportunities for international expansion for businesses worldwide. Right now, there are lots of ways to leverage the strength of currencies outside of the EU, which puts companies from these regions in a great position for market entry.

Why is this important?

Despite this period of uncertainty, there are gains to be made online in international markets. Through digital marketing campaigns, businesses can leverage the opportunities provided by the fluctuations in currency. Key considerations to think about:

  • Why should you invest in overseas territories, and where is the investment best spent?
  • How should you adapt your digital marketing strategy to make the most out of these new opportunities?

These are questions that need to be answered for businesses who are thinking of, or are already exporting to the UK and Europe.

What we’re doing

International expansion needs careful planning and expertise, and Search Laboratory has abundant experience when it comes to taking businesses global online. From tips on translation and localization to marketing your entire business in a new territory, there are plenty of ways we can help you to leverage currency fluctuations to your advantage.

We are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, August 3rd at 11am CDT to discuss how you can make the most of the weakened pound by expanding digitally to the UK and other European markets, and invite you to join us.

Our guest speaker from Google, Account Strategist, Andres Valencia, is responsible for managing and growing a £15 Million p.a. portfolio by consulting clients and digital agencies on all aspects of their digital activity. He will be joining the discussion on the importance of digitalization in global growth and how to maximise the international potential of your business.

Our own paid media expert, Pete Whitmarsh will also be on hand to demonstrate how Search Laboratory’s international credentials will help you build your brand presence overseas.

Registration for the webinar is now open, you can sign up here.

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