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The ‘superfood’ industry is booming. New food trends and fads take the place of older ones every day, and there’s always an appetite for healthy and fresh ingredients that pack a vitamin or mineral punch all in one tiny bite. But which superfoods are the most popular? Here are our top 10, based on Google’s trend report and data from Google’s Keyword Planner:

Americas Favorite Superfoods

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t been exposed to this year’s obsession with avocado, so it’s no surprise the versatile fruit is the top ranked superfood out of the ten selected, with almost 50,000 searches per month in America.

Kale is again, not a surprise, with a respectable 40,500 searches. While turmeric is a common ingredient in Asian cooking, it’s also recently been rediscovered as a superfood that can help those with eye, skin and digestive conditions. It rounds off the top three with just over 30,000 average searches every month.

The resurgence of non-dairy alternatives to milk ensure almond and coconut have substantial search volume. Some might be surprised to see flax in the top ten. Often used as an egg substitute in vegan cooking, flax receives over 5,000 searches per month.

With almost a quarter of a million combined average monthly searches, where in the country searches for these ten superfoods the most? Here are the top ten US superfood search capitals:

us superfood search capitals

Portland has done nothing for its hipster reputation, beating off all the competition to be named the superfood capital of the USA! Featuring in the top 10 for every one of our superfoods and topping the list for blueberry, kefir, cauliflower, turmeric, and kale, there may be some truth to the idea that its residents are very on trend – especially when it comes to food. The Oregon city’s favorite superfood was turmeric, with 1,300 searches every month.

It seems the Pacific Northwest is somewhat of a superfood search haven, as in second place and also featuring in all ten of our lists was Seattle.

Kale is the food of choice in Washington State, just as in Washington DC, which makes up one of the three northeast cities who also make up the top 10, with New York and Boston.

The healthy, sunny state of California unsurprisingly also hosts three of the top 10, including third and fourth placed San Diego and San Francisco, as well as Los Angeles. We wonder how many of those searches have come from the studios of Hollywood… The rest of the top 10 sees Minneapolis and Austin representing the Mid-West and the South respectively.

Are you surprised Portland came out on top? What superfood trends do you predict for 2017? Let us know on Twitter @searchlabs. If you want to find out more about using search data and analyzing the results, please contact us.

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