Oscar winning dresses: 50 years in color

Danielle Birch

Digital Campaign Manager

Global Affairs

With Oscar Season in full swing, and the press speculation over this year’s winners reaching fever pitch, there’ll be one more burning question at this year’s ceremony, the same as every year: “who are you wearing?”

The red-carpet parade always brings surprises – and the range of designer dresses on show are as big a part of the evening as the ceremony itself. From the striking, but classic royal blue of Brie Olsen’s gown at last year’s awards to the consistent gold of Meryl Streep’s gowns, each Best Actress Oscar Winner has put their own stamp on the award. But what color is an Academy Award winning dress?

We’ve taken a closer look at the dresses of every winner from the past 50 years and visualized the data. See our results below.oscars-dresses-common-colours-us



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