The rise and rise of Google Shopping ads

Ryan Jones

Head of PPC


We know that Google is investing in its Shopping ads service, arguably as a defence against the threat from Amazon.

But just how influential have Shopping ads (formerly known as PLAs) become in paid search?

To answer this question, we ran a report comparing impressions from Shopping (vs. search), averaged across all our client accounts. We only included accounts that have had active search and shopping campaigns for least 12 of the months in the period included, and where both campaign types are still active as of April 2017.

The results paint a surprisingly clear picture:

Shopping impressions

We were conscious that the above trend might be overly influenced by some of our large accounts, so the the graph below shows the average per account so all clients are weighted equally. As you can see the trend is more or less the same anyway:

Shopping impressions weighted

Driving revenues from Google Shopping ads

As the graphs show, Google Shopping is an increasingly important channel for driving revenues and value from marketing spend.


For some clients, however, this opportunity has thrown up the challenge of how to manage campaigns for large and rapidly changing product inventories. To address this need we have developed FeedLab: PPC campaign automation software for large product inventories. With FeedLab, we can customize and automate the process of updating ads and keywords for large product catalogues, ensuring that our clients’ PPC campaigns reflect the latest stock levels, price changes, or special offers.

Are you making the most out of Google Shopping? Curious to find out how FeedLab could enhance your paid campaigns? Get in touch to speak to one of our experts for a confidential discussion.