Video: Why now is the time to upgrade your enterprise attribution model

Ian Harris

Executive Chairman

Analytics and Data Science

Enterprise-level marketers have known for some time that paid search, SEO and other marketing channels – online and offline – can’t be evaluated as stand-alone investments.

Yet many brands still struggle to derive commercial insights from their attribution modeling, and far too many still rely on inappropriate first- or last-click models.

In this webinar, Search Laboratory’s CEO, Ian Harris, shares insights into the advances in technology that have brought data-driven attribution to the forefront. Assessing the value it provides to marketers, Ian takes a cold, hard look at how the mathematics behind attribution can increase profits.

Ian also provides an update on the Google Attribution suite, and what brands need to put in place to benefit from data-driven attribution.

The full webinar can be viewed below. 

What you will learn:

This webinar will show you:

  • How to ensure that your attribution model contributes to your bottom line
  • How the recent shift in technology makes it easier to track your customers’ touchpoints and assign an accurate value to each
  • Concrete examples of data-driven attribution at work and what you can do to prepare your data
  • The latest updates on the Google Attribution tools

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