What does Facebook’s new Accounts Center mean for businesses?


Dan Cayzer

Social Media Account Executive

Industry News

Earlier this week, Facebook launched a new feature called Accounts Center which is in the process of being tested. Built for consumers using the platforms, the feature can be found in the settings of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and allows users to manage their accounts in a more seamless and connected way.


Currently, consumers can use Accounts Center to turn on (or off) Single Sign On and adjust their Stories settings so that Stories are published on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. In the future, Facebook Pay will also be accessible from Accounts Center making it easier, to authorize payments on both Facebook and Instagram (for example, when making a donation or buying through an Instagram shop).


It is worth noting that many consumers are already wary of the amount of data that Facebook has on them and linking accounts via Accounts Center will only increase the data that Facebook has on any individual.

What does this feature mean businesses?


Although Accounts Center is a consumer feature, it will have an impact on businesses who use the two platforms. One benefit will be for brands who post a lot of content across both channels; the tool allows users to have different identities across Facebook and Instagram which means individuals are able to post on business profiles if set up correctly.


Once Facebook Pay has been set up within Accounts Center, it will be easier for consumers to make purchases on both platforms – a move which will improve the Facebook and Instagram shopping experience and help the growth of social commerce.


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