Black Friday 2021 predictions, trends and opportunities for brands (Podcast)

In this episode, the team discuss the lessons learned from last year’s holiday season, the trends across digital channels and their predictions on the role of physical stores this year.


They recommend strategies to maximize your Black Friday sales, including taking into account the lifetime value of a customer, best practices for using automated bid strategies, adapting a bespoke media strategy for marketplaces and tapping into audiences’ discovery mindset. The team also cover the implications of privacy, with users opting out of cookies and the effect this has on retargeting and audiences.


Topics of discussion:

  • What trends did we see in the last holiday season and what learnings can we take into this peak sales period
  • Predictions on what role physical stores will play and whether consumers will return to them
  • How consumer behaviors are changing and what retailers can do to adapt and serve these new expectations
  • Strategies to maximize sales across your digital channels
  • and how privacy regulations play into all of this


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Joining this podcast are:

Ian Harris

Founder and Executive Chairman

Gina Wisse

Assistant Head of Paid Social & Programmatic

Sandy Bates

Senior PPC Account Manager

Jimmy McCann

Head of Digital Strategy

George Walne

Head of Marketplaces

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