Entering new markets and expanding for growth (Webinar)

This past year we’ve seen global internet traffic grow particularly in emerging markets. In this webinar, Google is joined by Search Laboratory to help you uncover growth opportunities by looking to international expansion, and how to build your digital presence when you enter new markets. Using our extensive knowledge of the technology industry​, we will be dedicating this webinar to B2B, SaaS and technology companies, as well as highlighting some case studies where we’ve had success in this industry.


As a Google International Growth Partner, Search Laboratory has access to various tools and insights to help you get started. Using their fifteen-year pedigree of helping enterprise businesses succeed across the globe, in the webinar we will show you how to combine Google’s data with your own insights to create custom market opportunities for your business.


The webinar will also run through examples of how Search Laboratory have used this data and their expertise to help clients expand successfully into new markets.

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What you will learn:

  • How to find new international opportunities and the tools to do so
  • How to succeed in new markets from the following perspectives:
    • Cultural considerations
    • Translation
    • Digital marketing
  • How others have succeeded in going global

Meet your speakers

Matt Herrick, Agency International Growth Consultant at Google

Matt is an Agency International Growth Consultant at Google. He’s been with Google for over two years and is responsible for equipping, enabling, and accelerating the international growth objectives of Google’s most strategic agency partners.

Nicola Winters, Head of International

Nicola heads up our international digital marketing team of native linguists from across the globe. Nicola’s expertise is in understanding the cultural factors behind search and online behavior, with her team working in over 35 languages for clients including Citrix, Office Depot and Hootsuite.


Anita Klinkosz, Digital Strategy Specialist

Anita is a Digital Strategy Specialist at Search Laboratory and has worked closely with global clients enabling them to spot opportunities for international growth. Anita manages key strategic projects for international markets including developing insights to create bespoke marketing strategies for new territories. Some of the clients she has supported include Appian, Burton Snowboards and Viking.

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