Online workshop: Kick-starting your marketing in a post-pandemic world

What is this workshop about?

The coronavirus crisis has changed the way consumers behave, with many verticals experiencing a drop in sales, and others experiencing an increase in demand. While we can’t say for certain what will happen next, history shows that society largely returns to how it was before an outbreak – albeit hopefully with a better appreciation of key workers and hand washing.


As a business, it is important you are prepared for when the lockdown is lifted and consumers begin to adjust their purchase habits – particularly so if you adapted your marketing during the pandemic, for example by reducing paid media budgets and focusing on engagement over conversions.


If you are unsure about how you should adjust your marketing strategy when your market begins to return to normal then this online workshop is for you. Our Head of Digital Strategy, Jimmy McCann will give you all the advice you need to get an action plan in place for your digital strategy so that when consumer confidence returns and sales begin to grow, you are in the strongest position possible to grab a share of the market and begin to recover.

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What you will learn:

  • When to get started with your digital marketing ramp-up plans
  • How to get your digital channels back up to speed
  • The tactics to use to ensure a smooth transition period
  • How to keep productive in the current climate.

Kick-starting your marketing in a post-pandemic world



Jimmy McCann, Head of Digital Strategy

Jimmy is a leading expert in attribution and is Search Laboratory’s lead adviser on using data in cross-channel digital strategy. He is a regular contributor to industry publications and has worked at a strategic level with global brands, including Ann Summers, The Outnet, Citrix and Kingston Technologies.

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Kick-starting your marketing in a post-pandemic world