What Content and SEO Specialists Need to Know About Digital PR [On-Demand Webinar]

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If you’re a digital marketer, a public relations professional, or simply interested in improving your website’s visibility—you might have heard of the term “digital PR.”

A relatively new term, especially in the United States, digital public relations is a burgeoning approach to digital marketing and one that people are still learning to navigate. The universal understanding of the term varies wildly, depending on your industry, country, or area of specialty.

In this panel discussion, hosted by the Austin chapter of the American Marketing Association, experts from Search Laboratory will definitively explain digital PR (DPR), how it can jumpstart your brand awareness initiatives, and how it will change the current understanding of content marketing, SEO, and traditional PR.

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What you will learn:

  • How DPR can support a long list of business objectives, from increasing visibility to building trust
  • The four essential elements of a comprehensive digital PR strategy
  • How a regional understanding of journalistic expectations can benefit your digital PR work

DPR provides a more precise, all-encompassing strategic approach that improves brand recognition and establishes website authority.

Access the on-demand webinar to learn how this new approach to content marketing, technical SEO, and traditional PR can benefit your next digital marketing campaign.


A photo of Zoe Schofield, Acting Head of Digital PR at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Meet your speakers


Zoe Schofield, Head of Digital PR at Search Laboratory

Zoe leads our digital PR team with a wealth of experience spanning the UK and US markets. With a deep understanding of digital communication, Zoe has an innovative and strategic approach to PR, leveraging data-driven insights to craft compelling narratives and effectively engage diverse audiences.

Ally Bolender | Content Specialist | Search Laboratory


Ally Bolender, Content Specialist at Search Laboratory

Ally is a content specialist at Search Laboratory with a background in U.S. journalism. Her narratives captivate the attention of top-tier news organizations while fortifying brand authority through strategic backlink acquisition. Ally’s campaigns have secured organic coverage in platforms such as Forbes, USA Today, Fox News, Daily Mail, Men’s Journal, People Magazine, and other distinguished outlets.

Roma Gallardo | US Digital PR & Social Specialist | Search Laboratory


Roma Gallardo, US Digital PR & Social Specialist at Search Laboratory

Roma is our U.S. PR and Social Specialist with expertise in the ever-changing U.S. media landscape and organic social strategy. She has helped advance Search Laboratory’s U.S. DPR offering by developing successful creative campaigns and acquiring tier-1 publication placements such as USA Today, Forbes, Fox News, Well+Good, Men’s Journal, and other distinguished outlets.

Sofia Pinto | Public & Media Relations Specialist | Search Laboratory US


Sofia Pinto, US Public & Media Relations Specialist at Search Laboratory

Sofia is our U.S. Public & Media Relations Specialist with a background in creating thought leadership and data-driven campaigns. Sofia’s strategies have allowed international clients to enter the U.S. media environment and benefit from impactful results across reputable publications, including People Magazine, Forbes, INC 500, FOX News, and USA Today.

Access our What Content and SEO Specialists Need to Know About Digital PR webinar today.

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As an international digital marketing agency, Search Laboratory lives and breathes global campaign work, integrating multiple channels into one unified marketing plan. Our experts have grown international businesses through multichannel, strategic digital campaigns since we opened in 2005.

With our Digital PR expertise, we help attract natural authoritative links through effective media relations, driving quality traffic from targeted online PR campaigns.

Learn more about this unique offering in our upcoming webinar, and reach out if you would like to discuss how Search Laboratory can assist in your content marketing initiatives.