How To Use Content Marketing With SEO


Sarah Oxley

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very popular term, which is being discussed a lot amongst the marketing and business development circles. But what does this actually mean, and why is it relevant to SEO?

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an umbrella term for many different forms of content that is used and shared in order to attract, require, and engage with an existing and potential target audience. The idea behind this, as well as most other forms of marketing, is to get a reaction out of the target audience and to encourage them to do a task. The principle is to influence the decision making process of the individual. Its important to note that “influence” can only happen, if the person is positively inclined to the action to begin with.

Free content is shared through various platforms such as via newspaper articles in the form of press releases, or online via a companys blog, just to name some examples.

What Can Content Marketing Do?

Content marketing has the ability to attract potential customers and convert them into buyers, as well as encourage existing customers to become repeat buyers.

A person buying a product is classed as a large decision process, while someone sharing something online is a small decision process. The risk of exchanging money for goods has a higher risk, than sharing some interesting content with friends.

Creating content that people are happy to share with each other results in positive brand association, which helps later on when it comes to selling your product to people.

Why Is It Relevant To SEO?

Content marketing is very important for SEO as the content provided on a company’s blog can be used by other online sites as a useful resource. This then results in sites linking to the blog on which the content is hosted or people sharing the content through their social channels.

All of this creates very positive signals to search engines, and results in improved representation in the SERPS.

There is also the possibility of the content going viral, which can produce a very large increase in brand awareness.

What Type Of Content?

Content is important, but what kind of content are we talking about?

This all depends on the industry of the company, and on what topics are most important to the target audience.

A company blog is ideal to keep current and potential customers updated on what is currently happening at a company, and how the brand is developing, but it is also a great platform for industry relevant content.

Content can be used to establish your brand as an industry expert. To achieve this, articles referring to industry updates are ideal.

Seasonal topics work well, especially for trend based industries, like fashion or interior design, while visual representations of a topic viewed as dry can liven things up and help to engage with the target audience. If you have a particularly quirky brand, then consider playing with this quirky brand image, and create fun content, such as what to do if Zombies attack. Zombies are cool and currently trendy, so chances are this will get shared. Just a thought.

Its important to keep the brand, the target audience, and what type of content works best in the industry in mind. Your SEO company talks to both your target audience and industry experts on a daily basis, so its a good idea to pick their brains on (no pun intended) what to put up and how to promote it.

Key Points To Remember

  • Consult your SEO company on what content will work well in your niche and with your target audience.
  • Keep your brand and message in mind.
  • Create content on a regular basis.
  • Dont underestimate the power of content.