Multi-Platform Content


Matt Jones

Content Marketing

We have evolved from the days of the humble radio, to black and white television sets all the way to the modern-day internet information super-highway. Passed off by some as an information overload but to others the world wide web represents instant knowledge, gratification and the answer to a question.

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Great content is accessible

To succeed in the online marketing industry you need to be able to create great content – but just as important is making sure that your content is accessible from a range of media platforms.

This refers me back to my original point of remembering the humble radio. Now it is possible to stream music from a phone, watch a film almost instantaneously and find the answer to questions in a matter of minutes.

Adapt or die

Adaptation is the key point to take away from this. Not only in terms of being prepared in an online, and offline for that matter, multi-platform universe but also being able to adapt to the quick-thinking world of SEO.

If your webpage doesn’t load up on a mobile phone as you haven’t considered this side of the market then you will be losing traffic as well as sales. For some sites, over half of their traffic comes from mobile.

Many old school business owners can be very fickle in their attempt to avoid new media but the truth is that the longer it takes them to realise how important search engines are in 2013 then the longer they have given their competition to earn their way to an excellent position on Google.

By adapting to all the platforms that are available, you can not only ensure a successful marketing campaign but also show that you genuinely care about your brand.

It can be hard to keep up with the evolution of technology and all that it can offer. However, if you have the skills to keep on top of what is accessible and available then this can be not only beneficial to your online presence but also a vital part of making sure that your brand doesnt lose its value.