How to photograph a fashion event: three tips to improve your photography


Natalie Clince

Content Marketing

Events are a great way to get to know more about your clients, the industry they operate in and to meet relevant bloggers and journalists. In the fashion industry, events can be fast paced with lots going on. This means that if you want to leave knowing your clients new collections, what the key trends are going to be next season, and having taken the time to get to know the crowd, you will need to be on your toes.

If you are trying to capture the show at the same time, you will need to literally be on your toes – moving around and keeping an eye out at all times. Photographing a fashion event for the first time can be a daunting experience, but always remember that it is better to leave with too many photos rather than wishing you’d taken more. When there is action, shoot continuously experimenting with different angles and a combination of close-up and wide angle shots. At quieter times, take the opportunity to move around and capture the venue and audience.

Once you have built up your confidence at doing this, it is time to start thinking about a coherent set (or sets) of photographs that fit together. This will look far more professional and make the photos much more usable. While it is easy to choose one fixed spot and take a shot of each model as they come down the runway, there are far more interesting ways to approach it. Regardless of what camera you are using, there are some simple ways to achieve this.

Create a story

Everything else aside, the central focus of any fashion event is ultimately the clothes. Your photos should be able to show these off. Depending on the seating arrangement, try to capture some items from various angles. If you are unable to move around then use a combination of close-up and wider shots. These images, when displayed together, should show both the action of the catwalk and the different elements of the garment.


Different angles of a Biba Dress


Pick out details

The small details are often indicators of what is coming up fashion-wise. Pick out what could be the next key trends and what sets the collection apart. Alongside close-ups of bags and shoes, also emphasize the shapes and the cut of the clothes – is there anything unusual that not everyone might have noticed? Try framing these shots around the detail you want to catch, but remember you can crop the image later.


Close-ups of key outfit details


Look for what else is going on

Keep an eye out for what else is going on around the venue. Set the scene by capturing candids, venue features and other parts of the event. How are the audience reacting to the show? What are they doing during the intervals?


Images of the audience at Baracoa


The images above are from House of Fashion, an event that some of the Search Laboratory team recently attended. Hosted at Baracoa Luxe Bar in Leeds, the event showcased upcoming collections from House of Fraser, various House of Fraser concessions such as Whistles and French Connection alongside selected local designers.

All images: Natalie Clince