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A global pet-sitting service founded in 2010, TrustedHousesitters match pet owners heading out on vacation with pet sitters available to stay and look after their furry friends while away. TrustedHousesitters wanted to broaden its brand awareness across the US through targeted content marketing, improved visibility, and an increase in the number of quality backlinks heading to its website.

To achieve this, our content marketers and digital PR experts created attention-grabbing campaigns and newsworthy content, leading to enviable results.

1 bn

filter views on TikTok


total pieces of coverage


increase in citation flow


increase in website trust flow

Our content marketing and digital PR strategy

Our strategy focused on a targeted approach to increase SEO visibility and brand awareness. We aimed to secure high-quality links, broad coverage, and engaging organic social media content.

We are well aware that the media (and just about everyone else) love pets! To cut through all the noise, we needed to create relatable, attention-grabbing digital PR campaigns and content that talked directly to the concerns of pet-owning consumers.

We focused on gaining high-quality links and media coverage on national, state, and city-specific scales to create localized, relevant content that grabbed the media’s attention. Our digital PR and content marketing specialists ensured that a localized approach was achievable by targeting regional publishers, which enabled more substantial opportunities for high-quality link-building.

Using TrustedHousesitters‘s first-party data, case studies, and eye-catching visuals, we produced engaging content the media could not recreate themselves and were keen to engage with. Our clever mix of campaigns, expert-led content, and reactive pieces led to incredible results.



Our campaigns for TrustedHousesitters

Our targeted approach achieved colossal brand growth for TrustedHousesitters through various publications and platforms. Here are some of our most impactful campaigns.

TrustedHousesitters Popular Pet Names by State digital PR and content marketing campaign created by Search Laboratory and appeared on MSN.

TrustedHousesitters Pet Names campaign appearing in MentalFloss.

Popular pet names by state

For the Popular Pet Names by State campaign, we analyzed over 50,000 pet names in TrustedHousesitters’ CRM database. We then ranked them from most to least popular, picking out some of the more unique names.

Following this analysis, we created press releases on a national and state level, with eye-catching assets to show the data visually. Our campaign achieved an incredible 190 high-quality links and coverage nationwide, including on Fox News and Mental Floss.

We also created bite-size assets to promote the campaign on social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Through our pet’s eyes

Our Through Our Pet’s Eyes campaign focused on creating fun, shareable social media filters, allowing users to experience life through their favorite pet’s eyes!

We created social filters to show what the world looks like for a dog, cat, bird, and rabbit, as their eyesight is very different from that of a human. These filters were also featured on TrustedHousesitters website, allowing people to upload any image and toggle with the filters.

Alongside great results in the media, including the Daily Mail in the UK, the filters also took off on TikTok, achieving an incredible 1 billion views!

An image of TrustedHousesitters Through Pets' Eyes website filter created by Search Laboratory.

A screenshot from TrustedHousesitters How to keep pets safe in a heatwave content marketing campaign

Seasonal trending pieces

Alongside these more extensive campaigns, we worked with vets and animal experts to create advice-led content based on topical and seasonal trends. The goal was to grow TrustedHousesitters as a trusted brand within the sector that cares about its customers.

These included How to keep pets safe in a heatwave and Pets at Christmas, which focused on keeping pets safe during the holiday season.

Our results for TrustedHousesitters

The resulting press coverage is exactly what TrustedHousesitters was hoping to achieve, increasing their brand’s presence online. The results from our 12-month strategy were astounding!

  • 713 total pieces of coverage, including 485 links
  • Website trust flow increased by 40%
  • Citation flow increased by 30%
  • Over 1 billion filter views on TikTok
  • Links to campaigns and outreach appeared on USA Today, Forbes, Huffington Post, Mental Floss, and Reader’s Digest

The success of all this activity puts them in an excellent spot for further growth as we continue to collaborate and create more campaigns for them in the future.

TrustedHousesitters coverage in USA Today.TrustedHousesitters coverage in Forbes.


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