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Your ads on the best platforms 

We have a successful relationship with many of the premium publishers in online video, such as YouTube, ITV, Channel 4, Yahoo, and Sky.


These relationships mean we have access to the best range of platforms, all designed to maximize your visibility and ROI.

A highly targeted alternative to TV 

We put your video content in front of viewers who are most likely to be interested in your products, at the right time, and alongside the most appropriate content.


Thanks to the advanced technology that sits behind our programmatic video ad buying, your campaigns can be far more targeted and measurable than TV could ever dream of.


Unique and engaging video creation

To achieve maximum success, video content creation is always driven by the audiences you want to target, and the goals you want to achieve.


Our flexible approach means we can adapt existing video resources, or handle new video creation projects from strategy to delivery, or campaign assessment.


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How we can help

Online video is more engaging than other advertising formats and content types, and can be used as an alternative to, or to complement, television advertising, reaching millions of users simultaneously.


Using our advanced targeting platform, we can use online video to geo-target, overlay audience data, target specific device types, and collect first-party data. All of which can also be used to remarket to audiences on other platforms.


Online video is traded programmatically with real-time bidding. Once we set the bidding strategy, this takes place automatically. We then regularly analyze the data and change the bidding parameters to optimize your campaign performance.


Not only does this improve efficiency in how your online video budget is spent, but it also lowers risk as the investment is spread across numerous premium publishers.

“They help us make decisions that are best for our business case, rather than the easiest or most profitable for them. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Jenni Kuo, Marketing Manager, Kingston Technology 

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