The brief


Time4Sleep is an online retailer of beds and bedroom furniture.

Time4Sleep chose to work with Search Laboratory as they were impressed by Search Laboratory’s mathematical approach to PPC.

The client was eager to grow the business and therefore wanted the campaign to perform to the best of its ability, which meant utilizing every under-used feature.


PPC revenue increase


of paid revenue from shopping campaign


of paid revenue from remarketing

The solution


  • Split out the campaign to much smaller, more granular groupings, this increased the number of ad groups by over 20 times.
  • Commenced a thorough and regular bid review process to ensure all groups and keywords were returning a profitable cost per conversion.
  • Created a Google shopping campaign with product listing ads as these were not being utilized.
  • Set up a Bing campaign to increase exposure

The results


Revenue increased by 57% in the first year, with further growth of 91% in year two. Growth continued ever since Search Laboratory took over the running of the account and June 2014 saw the highest number of PPC sales ever. The Google Shopping campaign that was set up now accounts for 45% of paid search revenue.

The remarketing campaign to non-converting visitors now also accounts for 32% of paid search revenue, which is revenue the client was not taking advantage of. Due to these changes the client has been very pleased with the overall growth of the business.

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