How to be memorable at blogger events


Jennie Lindehoff

Content Marketing

Blogger events are great opportunities for brands to build on existing relationships and make new connections. As their popularity rises, so does competition between brands to stand out. Having hosted and attended many myself, here I’ve outlined what brands should do to be remembered.

Engage prior to the event

Although the event is the main focus it’s important to engage with attendees before the event has taken place. Make sure you have a contact list of attendees prior to the event so that you can contact them via email or social media.

  1. Hashtags for blogger eventsEmail is a great way to get personal with bloggers and build up a relationship. Let them know who you are and what you’ll be doing during the day.
  2. If it’s a big event with many guests, I would suggest using social media to interact with people beforehand, as it can be time consuming to send everyone a personalized email. Create or join trending hashtags around the event and utilize this as much as possible. If people recognize you from social media they are more likely to come and speak to you at the event.

Challenge bloggers

#bonprixfavourite Style ChallengeBloggers love to interact and get busy when they’re attending events. Competitions are great for this and also a good way to break the ice.

Social media competitions are ideal as they are easy to set up, everyone can participate and you’re likely to increase your social presence as well. These competitions can be very simple but they don’t require or spark much creativity. Give the bloggers a real challenge! This could be either on the day or something to share on their blog afterwards. Bloggers are generally a creative bunch and like to share that with everyone. If they can be awarded with a nice prize they’re even more likely to enter.

Show interest in attendants

Events are great occasions to get bloggers’ input on your brand and the industry you work in. Speak to them openly about your offerings and ask how they would like to work with you in the future. This way you’re showing that you value their opinion and it might also give ideas for future brand campaigns.

Interview some of the attendants for a future company blog post or video to go live after the event. Ask them about the industry, where they think it’s heading and for their best tips for fellow bloggers interested in the topic. If bloggers know that you see them as industry experts and share their thoughts publicly, they will be more likely to talk about you and your brand.

Give tailored goody bags

#QuizProm Goody BagsA blogger would be very disappointed going home from an event empty handed and who doesn’t like a freebie? My guess is, with every brand giving something away for free, you’re likely to give away similar products so make sure yours differ.

  • Think about what you want to promote during the event and create a theme around that.
  • Pick products that are creating the latest buzz, something that everyone wants to own.
  • If there is a wide spread of niche bloggers, make sure there’s at least something that’s fits their taste: make-up for beauty bloggers, a scarf for fashion bloggers and delicious treats if food bloggers are present.

Offer exclusive images

#sotonmeetup Group PhotoBloggers will bring their own camera to snap anything blog and Instagram worthy but sometimes they don’t have time to capture it all. Bring your own camera and take great pictures yourself. If you can offer additional pictures, such as a group photo, or behind the scene shots, bloggers will appreciate you offering these to them afterwards to share. For tips on how to take great photos at events, read this previous post.


Maintain the relationship

Don’t forget that engaging with attendees after the event is as important, if not even more, as beforehand. A couple of days after the event, it’s a good idea to follow up with everyone you have met. Let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them and that you want to build on that relationship.

If you stick to these tips and tricks, you’re guaranteed to be remembered and talked highly of after the event.

Let us know how you get on and if you have more tips, please share them with us via @searchlabs