The brief

Soliant Healthcare is a leading national provider of healthcare jobs and medical staffing services. To generate online coverage and drive backlinks to Soliant‘s website, experts in our Digital PR and Content Marketing teams strategically used data and heartwarming stories to develop creative outreach campaigns that led to fantastic results.


backlinks earned


increase in organic traffic


keywords moved up an average of 11 positions on Google

The strategy

 Our strategy to enhance Soliant’s online presence involved creating a series of campaigns that captured the media’s attention, reaching a broad spectrum of media outlets locally and on a larger national scale.

One of the primary objectives of these campaigns was to secure high-quality backlinks to Soliant’s education and healthcare pages. We aimed to significantly improve authority and SEO visibility for the website and its focus areas. 

Simultaneously, our teams wanted to improve Soliant’s keyword rankings in search engines.

By strategically incorporating and optimizing specific keywords across the site, the aim was to amplify page visibility in search results and increase relevancy for search engine users. We designed these dual strategies to fortify Soliant’s online presence and strengthen its position in the backlink landscape and search engine rankings.


Our solution

Our Digital PR and Content Marketing teams created and executed three highly successful campaigns for Soliant over six months. These garnered considerable attention from the media and elevated Soliant’s brand recognition and visibility, heightening public awareness of their services and expertise.

Campaign #1: The most inclusive school playgrounds

For the first campaign, our Digital PR and Content Management teams aimed to recognize schools that exceeded basic accessibility standards through inclusive playgrounds catering to various needs. 

Examples of these inclusive features included braille for visually impaired students and sensory-rich structures for those with developmental disabilities.

We spoke to Soliant’s vast community of speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, sign-language interpreters, teachers of the visually impaired, and other school support members to learn more about inclusive play. Utilizing their expertise, we identified the top ten United States schools with the best inclusive playground facilities based on several important factors. These included:

  • Utilization of inclusive playground design core principles
  • Quantity and quality of play features offered
  • Any unique inspirations behind the development, funding, or naming of the playground

As part of our research, our teams were able to speak with the schools directly, which unveiled the heartwarming narratives behind these playground designs.

This campaign strategy embraced both a regional and national approach. Our Digital PR team curated media lists, encompassing every relevant news publication within the featured playgrounds’ respective states, which served as the foundation for our outreach. After the launch of this campaign, we achieved outstanding results, receiving 40 high-quality backlinks and media coverage for Soliant Healthcare. 

We had remarkable results for our efforts:

  • Garnering an estimated 668,000 views on social channels
  • TV coverage on NBC stations
  • Reaching a combined audience of 278 million people

As a leading agency for school health jobs, Soliant applauds the collective efforts of educational systems, organizations, companies, and communities in developing these playgrounds. The company celebrates its commitment to ensuring equal opportunities for all students to play, learn, and grow together.



Campaign #2: The most beautiful hospitals in the United States

Soliant was on a mission to find the “heart behind the hospital” in this second campaign. We asked the public to vote for the top 20 most beautiful hospitals in the USA – whether that be the people, the program, or the architecture. Our team organized this campaign from nominations to the winner’s announcement.
All 50 states participated in the nomination stage, where our teams thoughtfully crafted individualized press releases for each state, highlighting hospital colleagues’ heartfelt submissions. The public got to vote for their chosen hospital, leading to an eagerly anticipated winner announcement.


A photo of Providence hospital in Mobile, Alabama, in the United States, winner of the 'Most Beautiful Hospitals in the USA' competition.
Providence Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, won the ‘Most Beautiful Hospitals in the USA’ competition.


Based on the unique design and tranquil surroundings, Providence Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, won this year’s competition. 

For the award, Soliant donated $5,000 to the hospital’s foundation.

The Digital PR team’s ability to engage numerous states and drive the promotion of this competition led to remarkable results:

  • Securing 67 backlinks
  • Reaching a combined audience of 1.2 billion individuals
  • Achieving an estimated 5.03 million views on social channels
  • Receiving media coverage on WKRG News, The Daily Review, Becker’s Healthcare News, and more

“I cannot express enough how enjoyable it has been to work with Soliant as a content specialist. Their commitment to enhancing healthcare staffing is truly inspiring, and it has been a fantastic journey learning about their mission while boosting their brand visibility. It is a privilege to help bring their brand to the forefront of the industry and work with them to make a difference in the lives of the communities they serve.”

Ally Bolender, Content Specialist at Search Laboratory

Campaign #3: The best states for mental health support


For their third campaign, Soliant aimed to gain a deeper insight into the disparities in mental health support within communities and schools nationwide. Our Digital PR and Content Marketing teams compiled a thorough report highlighting a range of metrics. These included:

  • The frequency of bad mental health days
  • Availability of mental health services
  • Suicide rates among individuals 15-24
  • Unemployment rates
  • Incidents of violent crime
  • Access to exercise opportunities

To highlight our findings, we created press releases with both national and state-specific perspectives, targeting our high-priority media outlets, which provided exceptional results:

  • Earning an impressive 91 backlinks
  • Achieving media coverage in Fox News, Forbes, and CNBC


A map showing the best states for your mental health which was part of a digital PR campaign by Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

The results

Over the span of six months, the cumulative results we delivered for Soliant were genuinely remarkable and elevated Soliant’s online visibility exponentially:

  • Gained a total of 192 backlinks
  • 19% increase in organic traffic
  • The “school healthcare jobs” category page on their site has moved up 39 positions on Google
  • 1,450 keywords have moved an average of 11 positions on Google

The success of these three Digital PR campaigns has positioned Soliant exceptionally well for future growth as we maintain our collaborative efforts and create additional campaigns on their behalf.


“Search Labs has been a pleasure to work with. Their digital PR campaigns have helped us to secure invaluable media coverage. They have engrossed themselves in our organizational mission and values to bring us meaningful blogs and press releases. We are very happy with the work they have done for us and are looking forward to our future with them.”

Naomi Griffin, Marketing Director at Soliant

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