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Translation Laboratory, part of the Search Laboratory group, addresses the growing market for localized websites that are built for digital marketing from day one. The service is aimed at clients with ambitious growth targets, who understand that competing internationally requires website translation services that are designed for SEO from the ground up.

Localized websites, not translated websites

Delivering a website with authentic local content – a localized website, as opposed to a website that has just been translated word-for-word – is a prerequisite for anyone looking to compete in international markets.

Ian Harris, CEO of Search Laboratory, who started his career writing software for a leading website translation company, said that “It is an exciting move for us because it allows us to offer clients a complete solution when taking their websites abroad.  This means you get fully market-ready websites in the target language, designed to generate revenue from day one.”

TL site

Website translation with international SEO expertise built-in

Translation Laboratory uses the best website marketing translators on the market today, coupled with the latest translation memory tools to make sure your translations are the highest quality while being fast and cost effective. Plus, our tools link to the major content management systems for ongoing translation ease.

One of the reasons why this translation service will be so much better than anything else on the market today is that the SEO processes are baked-in.  Most translation companies just translate, and some do a small amount of rudimentary keyword research. Translation Laboratory, however, benefits from the Search Laboratory pedigree as one of the world’s leading international digital marketing agencies.

Full-service delivery of market-ready websites

The service includes:

  1. Full keyword analysis before translation starts.
  2. In-country competitor analysis to make sure the site reflects key requirements of that market.
  3. Local conversion rate optimization on the money pages to ensure that translation aside, they are fit for purpose in the target language.
  4. Tiered translation, so that pages such as infrequently viewed blogs and user-generated content get an entirely different translation approach than that of category headers and converting pages.  This keeps your costs to a minimum while ensuring your conversions are maximized.
  5. In-built technical SEO review.  We return translated pages with HREFLANG coding complete so your language site is ready to do battle in the target country.

Several Search Laboratory clients have already taken advantage of the joined-up translation service offered by Translation Laboratory, and are reporting impressive results in their new markets.

For more information

If you are thinking of translating your website, or you already have a translated site but would like more sales from the language versions, please get in touch and we will give you a no-obligation consultation to determine if there is potential you are missing.

Visit the Translation Laboratory website.