How to Take Advantage of International Currency Fluctuations

We hosted a webinar with guest speakers from Google, focusing on the opportunities that have arisen due to Britain’s decision to leave the EU, and the currency fluctuations that have resulted This makes now a great time for companies looking to break into the UK and EU markets.


Search Laboratory’s Chris Attewell, SVP Americas, opened the webinar, set the scene and introduced the speakers. Andres Valencia and James Nesbitt, both from Google, explained the opportunities that European markets are presenting to American companies right now – especially in the light of a strong dollar in relation to the pound and euro. Pete Whitmarsh, Search Laboratory’s Head of Paid Media, then showed the importance of localization in marketing campaigns and how paid search is the key to successful market entry.


Our webinar discusses how to make the most of short-term export opportunities through digital marketing.

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