Search Laboratory Achieves the GMP Creative Certification

Jimmy McCann

Head of Digital Strategy

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We’re excited to announce that Search Laboratory has received the Google Creative Certification!

Digital marketing agencies receive this qualification when they can showcase their ability to use the Google Marketing Platform to create high-quality creative ads for video, display, app, or search campaigns. 

During the process, Search Laboratory needed to display a clear understanding of Google’s research and guidance as well as data-backed tools and resources during the life cycle of an ad.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Paid SocialProgrammatic, and Creatives team over the last 18 months, we can now offer our clients more highly efficient, persuasive creative campaigns backed by Google.

What is involved in the Google Creative Certification process?


Stage #1: Team members passing the exam


The first step was for our in-house Creative team to pass the Google Creative Certification exam. 

Before the assessment, every team member needed significant experience working with Google Studio and dynamic workflows. This experience includes working with feeds and creating display ads with Google Web Designer and hand-coded creatives. 

The team also needed to display a clear understanding of workflow integration with trafficking and programmatic campaigns.

The GMP Creative Certification exam involves developing a rich media creative setup using Google Web Design and Creative to build HTML5 and dynamic creatives. 

The exam also assesses the steps a user takes to preview, quality check, and publish creative ads to the Campaign Manager before measuring the results.


Stage #2: The Creative Certification submission


For the second part of the certification process, we needed to submit details to Google on why we at Search Laboratory deserved a creative certification status. This application included information about our team setup, working methods, and two case studies of our end-to-end creative work. 

These application components demonstrated our team’s active use of creative design in Paid Social and Programmatic channels for clients, including strategy design, optimization, and the interpretation of final results.


Stage #3: Interviews with Google


The third and final stage of the certification process involved an interview hosted by Google.

Our team answered questions about our approach to ensure alignment with the highest industry standards. We also discussed our digital marketing knowledge, experience, and motivation for Creative Certification more generally.

A day later, we received the news of our Google Creative Certification – a great start to the new year!




The Google Marketing Platform Creative Certification logo.



What does the GMP Creative Certification mean for Search Laboratory?


Creative is responsible for almost 49% of an ad’s overall ROAS, so ensuring we deliver the best possible results for our clients is fundamental to what we do here at Search Laboratory.

By achieving GMP Creative Certification, our team can offer more dynamic and exciting ad opportunities for our clients than before. Whether you’re looking at pushing out display network, app, search, or video campaigns – there’s no limit to how creative we (and by extension, you) can be!

This Google accreditation, combined with our laser-focused, data-driven approach to digital marketing, gives our clients the extra peace of mind that our team delivers compelling creative campaigns that yield incredible results.

Gina Wisse | Assistant Head of Paid Social & Programmatic at Search Laboratory

Gina Wisse, Assistant Head of Paid Social & Programmatic at Search Laboratory


“I’m extremely proud of our team for their hard work and dedication during the Creative Certification process. In an industry where creativity is only becoming more important due to privacy changes, our Creative Certification gives us stronger opportunities to engage with users online. As a GMP Certified partner agency, we’re looking forward to expanding our creative outfit to offer our clients the very best in paid ads.”

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