Search Laboratory and Havas Media Network launch ‘boardroom-ready’ marketing solution Havas Business

Laci Wiggins

EVP Americas

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We have united with Havas Media Network to bring a fresh approach to B2B marketing via Havas Business.


This new partnership is focused on a unique, boardroom-ready approach to growth strategy. Havas Business is powered by Search Laboratory, harnessing our data-driven initiatives to unlock meaningful value in B2B brands.


Utilizing the expertise of Search Laboratory and HMG, the dedicated B2B practice offers consultancy, planning, and media buying in the rapidly evolving B2B tech landscape.


By rethinking the role of media, we help clients elevate the profile of marketing and shift the traditional perception of marketing from a prohibitive cost center to an engine for growth.


In a survey of CMOs from B2B companies in North America, the UK, Germany, and France, 68% of respondents planned to increase digital advertising budgets (source: Statista).

With Havas Business, companies have access to the resources of a global media powerhouse without losing the precise touch and direct relationship management of a partner agency.


On behalf of HMG, a community we joined in April 2022, we will launch the go-to-market strategy and digital delivery of Havas Business across North America.

Our CEO, Chris Attewell, expressed his belief in the collaborative project:


“When we joined Havas Media Network, we were excited to embrace all the opportunities that came with the partnership. Havas Business is a fantastic example of how our skillsets can be used to better effect together. The group’s expertise in large-scale media experiences enhances our performance marketing and data science specialties to create an offering that spans the whole customer journey for our current and future clients.”

Executive Strategy Director & Deputy Managing Director of Havas Business Yannis Zachos, detailed the project:


“We’re delighted to supercharge Havas Business with the support of Search Laboratory. With the combination of decades of industry-leading B2B expertise within the HMG network, and Search Laboratory’s digital marketing and data science expertise, Havas Business is poised to deliver the future-forward, tailored B2B approach necessary in today’s dynamic landscape.”

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Havas Business powered by Search Laboratory gifts clients access to the resources of a global media powerhouse without losing the precise touch and direct relationship management of a strategic partner.


As the B2B category is experienced transformational growth, we have crated dedicated tools and solutions to service current and emerging client needs.


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