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Search Laboratory announced as a launch partner for the Careers After Babies Accreditation.


Search Laboratory is proud to have been selected as a launch partner of the Careers After Babies Accreditation. This accreditation aims to help employers understand actions they can take to support and, ultimately, retain working parents.

A cohort of businesses are coming together to share insights and best practice, and Search Laboratory is excited to be part of these discussions.

What is the Careers After Babies report?


The Careers After Babies report is a research project that looks at the relationship businesses share with their female employees once they have become parents.

Authored by Jessica Heagren, the founder of Careers After Babies, the report took findings from 848 women throughout the UK with the aim of discovering how to keep parents in the workplace on terms that work for them.

From conducting this research, key findings from the report included:

  • 98% of mothers want to work
  • 86% of women would choose to work 3 days a week or more
  • 74% of women are earning less or the same as before they had children
  • 85% of women leave the full-time workforce within three years of having children
  • 19% of women leave work completely.

What these results demonstrated is that most businesses were not able to offer women the flexibility they required. It was the outcome of these results that formed the basis for the full Careers After Babies Accreditation.

Jessica Heagren states:

“The Careers After Babies report evidenced something that we already knew – that women’s careers are disappearing as a result of having children. Parents are not getting what they need from their employers – which is support and flexibility. I’m launching the Careers After Babies accreditation to educate organisations on what parents need and to help transform accordingly.

In the last six months I’ve spoken to more than a hundred organisations about what they are doing to support working parents. Whilst some have offered their insight, others like Search Laboratory have chosen to publicly support the launch of Careers After Babies. We will be working together to further develop the accreditation and test the standards, as well as applying it to their own organisation. Together we will be building a world-class cohort of employers of working parents.”

What makes up the Careers After Babies Accreditation?


The Careers After Babies Accreditation is gained by businesses following a four-stage process:

  • Step 1. Data gathering
  • Step 2. Receive a scorecard
  • Step 3. The roadmap to accreditation
  • Step 4. Making changes and become accredited

Depending on learning, changes, and increased education from within a business, the journey to a Careers After Babies Accreditation can take between 12-24 months.

But when businesses feel within those 12-24 months, they have addressed all the necessary changes, developed learning materials, and educated fellow employees, they can contact the Careers After Babies accreditation board, with the aim of being successfully accredited.

Upon being accredited, employers can showcase this on their marketing materials and website in the form of a digital badge:

The badge of the careers after babies accreditation.


The end result is a business’s becoming part of a pioneering community and at the forefront of an exciting movement to create a world-class cohort of employers for working parents.

Search Laboratory on becoming a launch partner for the accreditation

Our Head of People, Renae Shaw, said:

“We want Search Laboratory to be a great place for everyone to work, and we recognise the unique opportunities and challenges faced by working parents. We are looking forward to gaining a clear picture of what we are doing well and where we need to improve so we can take action where it matters most.”

The launch of this partnership is another example of Search Laboratory’s award-winning culture and commitment towards company well-being.

You can learn more about the Careers After Babies accreditation and download a copy of the report here.


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