The latest analytics expertise, from data veterans

Search Laboratory was founded on the knowledge that applying logic and insights from data would ensure that our clients outperform their competitors.

This scientific approach persists after years of growth, and our deep analytics and data science expertise makes us the perfect partner for your Google Analytics 360 needs.

Expert implementation and a dedicated analytics team 

By purchasing the Google Analytics 360 Suite through Search Laboratory, you will receive an expert implementation and a service level agreement that is second to none.

We will provide a dedicated team that will commit their time and experience each month to support your business’ needs.

Watch this video if you want to hear:

  • How third-party cookie data is now much more limited than it used to be
  • What this means for your online advertising
  • Some of the ways you can utilize first-party data across the Google Marketing Platform to maximize ROI on your digital spend
  • Real use cases of this in action

International digital strategy and market insights

We are not just analytics providers. We are a full-service digital agency that offers paid search, SEO, display, social media, and international services.

We also have a strategy and insight team that can help you ask the right questions of your data to drive the best value from your campaigns.

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“To run a successful campaign, you need a good relationship and a certain level of trust. In that respect we are in a really good place with Search Laboratory.”

Michal Chrusciel, Senior SEO Manager, MATCHESFASHION.COM

How we can help

Leveraging the power of Google Analytics 360 starts with getting your data right. This includes:

  • Collecting the right data (events, goals etc.)
  • Ensuring it is clean/reliable
  • Segmented properly to show you what you need
  • Integrated with other data sources to paint a full picture if possible

Once we collect the right data and analyze it, we can use this intelligence to:

  • Understand your user journey
  • Attach the true ROI to your marketing activities
  • Help you spend your marketing budget in the right areas
  • Optimize your campaigns to perform better

Additional services

  • UserID configuration – we will help you configure analytics to capture and measure your repeat customers/logged in users across multiple devices
  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Integration with third party systems, including the other tools in the Google Marketing Platform
  • Data-driven attribution modelling
  • Customization – measure the specific metrics and dimensions closely associated with your specific business situation
  • BigQuery data integration from Google and non-Google sources

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